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Amazing movies
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    Thread created on 17:25:07 - 13/02/18 (6 years ago)
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    What amazing movies have u watched? for me its the Emoji move, more like eMAZING!! To be perfectly honest, the emoji movie is by far the most creative, well put together, and enjoyable movie that I have ever seen. Every single character had a certain depth to them that all other films lack. From main character Gene, a "meh" emoji, to a low profile broom, it feels like you really KNOW the characters. Like you've invited them into your heart and they have decided to stay for a while, have a nice chat, and maybe a cup of tea. I don't think it would be possible for me to describe every detail of what makes this movie so wonderful, but give me a copy of the film to look over frame by frame, and I would gladly give it a go. I have seen this movie seven times now, the theatre workers are getting concerned, but I don't care. All that matters to me is Emoji. Another amazing fact, the jokes never get old! They're INCREDIBLY well thought out and detailed, it must have taken someone hours to come up with even ONE of these gems. And the references to Feminism? HECK yes! JUST what I wanted!! I think I have gotten my point across. If you haven't seen this movie you truly haven't lived. PEACE OUT FAMSQUAD! ;) ;) ;)

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