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The Hobbit : The Battle of the Five Armies
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    Posted on 11:00:42 - 26/09/14 (9 years ago)
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    Gungrave [470221]

    Delyrium [904573]

    Gungrave [470221]
    Delyrium [904573] when it comes to added content from when a book transitions to film as long as it compliments the source material and doesn't effect it I'm ok with it and really when a book transitions to film having something be a little different keeps things refreshing and can add to the lore of the source material.

    if you want a case where this goes wrong just look at the transformer films where Micheal Bay butches the source material and they even f**k up on a few of the robots misnaming two of them and then they completely screw up one of the bigger story arcs.
    Completely agree with you, the main difference is that Transformers had so much characters that there was no need to invent or misname any of them but he managed to do so... SPOILER ALERT... even as to not give a name to the Dinobots or even make them talk, that really pissed me off on the latest movie.

    On a side note, awesome nick you got there, thats one of the best Mafia animes ever IMO, like the Godfather of anime. To think it spawned from a fighting PS2 title, thats how you do things right.
    hate to tell you but they already have plans for transformers 5 and 6

    I've refused to pay for any movie made by micheal bay so I pirate his stuff all the time to watch when I'm bored seeing as his only decent films were the Bad Boys movies and thats only because those are the only films where he had good actors. Then again Bad Boys 1 was his debut as a director and he was working with Jerry Bruckheimer who would later go on to create some of the best crime dramas on TV like the CSI:Crime Scene Investigation franchise that spawned 3 shows.
    I know, after seeing this movie, for the first time in years my buddies and I were completely mute about it, was so bad in so many ways that we couldn't be bothered to talk about it. I definitely don't see myself going to the theater to see another transformers movie directed by bay.
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