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Looking for a spouse with their own PI (LONG TERM)
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    Thread created on 20:29:03 - 25/02/24 (1 month ago)
    Looking for a spouse that has their own PI . Doesnt have to be completely maxed but is preffered. I'm looking for long term spouse here. Also a trustworthy person. Last spouse i had since day 3 of starting and for 520 day was great. Super friendly and chatty. Then  all the sudden she divorced me and took my money with no response after I asked why she did me wrong. So if your looking for a long term spouse and u have a PI and want to progress together please reach out to me. I love to joke around and chat if thats your thing but I can leave you be and we can just play torn to . Whatever works for you. Please message me with your terms . All inquiries welcome. Thanks!
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