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Looking for active Spouse (3725 PI)
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    Thread created on 17:22:37 - 11/11/23 (3 months ago)
    Looking for a spouse to share tea duties and wash me smalls. (Current is very inactive, cant turn me pants inside out again its been a week both sides already, gross)

    Have a 3725 PI which will be ours in 13 weeks. Ill happily cover the monthly no problem, unless you wanna kindly chip in, thats allowed ofcourse.

    Dailey rent can be split between both of us, whoever can cover however much, whenever, its not urgent really as long as it gets paid. Not as tight as most on here

    As long as you chill af and a good laugh, we're all gravy. Hmu via mail if interested. (Dont direct message)

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