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Poll: Weapon Testing
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    Thread created on 02:26:31 - 25/08/20 (1 year ago)
    Last replied 16:20:46 - 25/08/20 (1 year ago)
    Hello Torn, 

    I have been working on gathering data on weapons. We all know the META is arma or DBK, but I suspect there is tones of weapons in torn and weapons that combo together that are great options to use instead of the arma or DBK. I have several goals for my project as listed below.

    1. Group every weapon/ weapon combo (example: pocket shotgun secondary and a shotgun primary) into "Tiers" as follows.
    A. These weapons/combos are outright the best and stack up very well compared to the all mighty Gold AK
    B. These weapons/combos are all fantastic options if A tier weapons are outside your reach
    C. These weapons/combos will get you full fair fight bonus in chains
    D. These weapons/combos are not very good at all
    F. These weapons/combos are 100% terrible and you're probably trolling if you use them

    2. Suggested mods with particular weapons in C tier and above

    3. Mathematically prove that all weapons have the same base critical rate (or vice versa)

    4. Test special ammo scaling with C tier weapons/combos and above

    5. A few paragraphs about each weapon/weapon combo ranked C and above with tips, tricks, suggestions and subjective opinion

    6. All data will be gathered after 100% weapon EXP has been reached

    This is a massive undertaking to do alone and would take many years for me to do it myself. I have almost moved to the data collection phase on shotguns and I am really seeing just how long this would take.

    If you are high in defense please let me know so that I can test critical chance.

    If you would like to assist me in creating this huge guide please let me know.

    If you have suggestions on weapon combos to test please let me know,
    such as weapons where you can equip two or more weapons and have them both scale from mastery merits.

    Please let me know if you would consider loaning me a Nock gun for weapon testing. It is the only shotgun I am worried about not being able to test in my shotgun data.

    Lastly, please vote on the poll what you would like to see tested after I finish shotgun testing in the next few weeks. Multiple answers are allowed.
    • What weapons/combos would you like to see tested?
    • 1. minigun/flamethrower
      13.22% (16 votes)
    • anti-tank/famethrower
      8.26% (10 votes)
    • Heavy Artillery
      4.96% (6 votes)
    • Rifles
      7.44% (9 votes)
    • Pistols
      8.26% (10 votes)
    • Machine guns
      4.13% (5 votes)
    • Shotguns/pocket shotgun
      6.61% (8 votes)
    • Shotguns/Blunderbus
      2.48% (3 votes)
    • Peircing Weapon/Harpoon gun
      3.31% (4 votes)
    • Pericing Weapon/Blowgun
      5.79% (7 votes)
    • SMGs (no duals unless someone can loan them)
      7.44% (9 votes)
    • Clubs
      4.13% (5 votes)
    • Slashing Weapons
      7.44% (9 votes)
    • Mechanical Weapons
      4.13% (5 votes)
    • Temporary Weapon Mastery
      9.92% (12 votes)
    • Other/Not Listed (Please Post Bellow)
      2.48% (3 votes)
    Total number of votes: 121
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    • Andyman [471591]
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    Posted on 14:38:47 - 25/08/20 (1 year ago)
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    Interesting idea, but I'll note right out the gate that your optimal weapon choice is dependent on your effective battlestats vs. your opponent's effective battlestats.

    1.) The GAK with the +6% crit laser and an accuracy mod along with incendiary ammo is the best weapon in the game for the vast majority of the player-base and it's not even remotely close, especially on defense against multiple targets. (I say "vast majority" because technically there are a select few players with enough speed/strength to be able to use the Rheinmetall MG3 and Dual SMGs more effectively than the GAK... but even that gets sketch when you factor in special ammo usage vs. the GAK) Proxima did the hard work on several weapons to calculate damage. comparisons from weapon to weapon.

    2.) Mods are also heavily dependent on battlestat differential between you and your opponent. (For example, it doesn't make sense to use accuracy mods if your speed is considerably higher than your opponent's dexterity)

    3.) I'm 99% sure all weapons have the same base crit rate; though, I'd love to be proven wrong. Find someone with 5,000 attacks who has, say, a 26.5% critical hit rate and I'll give you a FHC.

    4. Special ammo needs to be tested further, but the testing is largely dependent on armor... and unfortunately armor isn't working logically in the game at the moment so it's difficult to test. (There are parts of the body that are covered that are not mitigating any damage)

    5.) You might find Andyman's Weapon Build Guide or Torn Special Weapon Analysis helpful.

    Good luck.
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    Posted on 16:20:46 - 25/08/20 (1 year ago)
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    As someone who has 100% xp in blowgun and harpoon, I can tell you that both are terrible weapons (although for long fights the blowgun poison isn't the worst thing ever).
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