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Not A Bug - A Guide to Solving Common Issues
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    Thread created on 17:43:35 - 28/04/21 (5 months ago)
    Last replied 18:48:05 - 09/08/21 (2 months ago)
    Ahoy everyone - below is a categorized list of questions/items frequently posted as bugs that are not bugs, with some hopefully helpful solutions.

    • Many buggy-seeming things can be solved by clearing your cache - browser cache or app cache.
    • Try a different browser to see if the issue can be recreated.
    • Try disabling all scripts/extensions, such as Torn Tools or DocTorn, or adblockers and see if the issue persists.
    • Open your browser in private/incognito mode and try to repeat the issue. This disables scripts and extensions, and makes it easier for troubleshooting issues.


    "[This particular] honor bar didn't trigger"
    • Verify you've definitely met the conditions to trigger the honor or award.
    • Different honors trigger on different pages - depending on the type of award, they can trigger off of visiting your home page, casino page, crimes page, or awards page.
    • Visit the trigger pages first, then navigate to the specific awards page. For example, HOME PAGE -> AWARDS PAGE -> HONORS.

    "The 'Forgiven' honor didn't trigger"
    • According to Ched, you have to ensure you pray at least once in each 24 hour period, rather than once per day.
    • Players who have gotten the honor recommend praying two times per day to ensure you're hitting the 24-hour counter.


    "I was sent to the hospital immediately after going to Spin the Wheel"
    • You 'won' a kick/punch to the throat on one of your last spins and navigated away before it could be applied. It will trigger on your next visit to the Wheel.
    • This is indeed intended and not an exploit.


    "My chats are duplicated/out of sync"
    • This is a little buggy but is generally determined to be a client-side issue rather than a Torn-side issue. Frequently happens after a name change, or opening chats on multiple devices.
    • Close all chats, clear your cache, then re-open your chats.
    • Alternatively, you can try closing your chats, going to the People tab to the right of your chats, and clicking the X next to 'Recents' to clear the list. Then re-open chats.


    "I can't use job points to redeem for company specials (edvds, candy, alcohol etc.)"
    • Ensure you're entering the correct number of job points to 'buy' the item rather than the number of items you want to exchange points for. I.e., it costs 20 jp's for an edvd in an AN company. Enter '20' in the field asking how many job points you want to spend on the Voyeur special.
    • Ensure you've been at the company >72 hours (not 3 days).
    • Ensure you have sufficient job points.


    "I can't train my stats in the gym / Nothing happens when I click train"
    • Make sure you have a number filled in in the trains field. The 'TRAIN' button will be greyed out until you input a number.
    • If it's a specialist gym, you'll only be able to train/see the stats for that gym. (i.e.: Balboa's will only allow Def/Dex training and Spd/Str will be greyed out)


    "I was doing a happy jump/choco jump and it didn't give me increased gains"
    "I lost the happy from edvds/ecstasy before I could train it"
    • Any happy above your maximum happiness will reset on the 15-minute clock. I.e.: if you take your edvds and ecstasy at 2:14:45 TCT, you have 15 seconds to train it before it resets. Don't do that.
    • Instead, watch the clock. Once it gets a minute or so past a :15 minute mark (say 2:16:30 TCT), then take your edvds/ecstasy. That way you have around 13-14 minutes to complete your gym training at increased happiness.


    "I don't own stocks but the stock ticker icon still appears"
    • This can happen with any icon that keeps trying to be persistent, not just the stock ticker icon.
    • Refreshing your icons should solve it (seems to be a caching issue).
    • Navigate to Settings -> Icon Settings -> Refresh Icons.


    "My mission didn't complete"
    • Double check you actually accepted the mission first.
    • If your mission requires you to send something to someone, verify you've sent it to the right person. For best results, use their player ID rather than typing their name. For example, when you have to send something to Duke, use [4] as the ID.
    • Verify you've completed all the steps the mission is asking for. If the mission text is not clear, there is an excellent guide by Andyman that tells the tasks and strategies to complete each mission.

    "Target is too hard/can't defeat them"
    • Analyze your attack to determine what the problem is. Missions are assigned based on roughly matching strength-to-defense ratios. If you or your target have heavily unbalanced stats, sometimes the target can be difficult to beat.
    • You can use try using drugs to the stat that is lacking - Vicodin gives a 25% boost to all your stats, LSD gives +30% to strength and +50% to defense. If you're missing every hit, you need a boost to your speed to counter their dexterity. If every hit is mitigated, you need a boost to your strength to counter their defense.
    • Use temps such as pepper spray, smoke grenade, flash grenade, or tear gas depending on the effect you need.
    • Use injectable boosters such as tyrosine, serotonin, epinephrine, or melatonin (requires the Bachelor's of Biology education).
    • Utilize friends/faction mates to do a group attack where they join and throw a temp but let you attack the target. When multiple people attack a target, the target's stats are effectively reduced and levels of distraction are added.
    • Have someone else defeat the target first, then attack them when they are just out of the hospital with low life.

    "Target is too easy/need to lose to the target and I keep beating them"
    • Analyze your attack to determine what the problem is. Missions are assigned based on roughly matching strength-to-defense ratios.
    • Fill blood bags to lower your overall life.
    • Attack under Xanax effects, which give a -35% debuff to all your battle stats.
    • Remove all armor.
    • Choose the weakest weapons such as rusty sword or plastic sword, both have very low damage and accuracy. Using fists or kick can be a mistake, because often times fists/kick do a lot more damage than the swords - especially once you've completed educations that boosts fist/kick damage.

    "Mission is not counting total damage (Batshit Crazy or similar mission not completing)"

    "Safari mission says 'travel to USA' to defeat target"
    • The original Safari mission requires you to travel to South Africa to defeat your target using only a rifle.
    • If your target becomes active after your mission has spawned, and has flown back to Torn, it will show up as 'travel to USA'. You simply need to attack the person with a rifle to finish the mission - no travel required.


    "I deposited money but was mugged right after/at the same time and have negative cash"
    • This is usually due to a racing condition (same-second action) where the mug is favored over the deposit, likely because the mug was ahead by milliseconds.
    • This is an issue, and it's being looked at by developers to institute a locking mechanism to prevent the racing conditions from happening, but for now it is working as intended.

    "Every time I try to type in amount to withdraw/deposit it defaults to all cash on hand"
    • This typically happens to mobile users, and specifically when entering values that start with 100 (100k, 1m, 100,000,000, 100,250,000 etc.)
    • Mobile keyboards, especially Google keyboard, it has a habit of autocorrecting to the '100' emoji. A workaround is to disable autocorrect, disable emoji prediction, or drag the '100' emoji to the trash bin to prevent it from being used as predictive text.
    • While this seems like a bug, it is not Torn-related, but a personal device issue.


    “I can’t pay my property upkeep/upkeep shows $0”
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    Posted on 18:48:05 - 09/08/21 (2 months ago)
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    I am moving this to B&I section based on discussion with Joshua. I will be pinning this to the top of the section and locking it so as to not clutter it with questions and responses. Any additional questions can be redirected to me or any staff member.


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