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Adding screenshots to your bug report
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    Thread created on 16:28:07 - 10/03/17 (5 years ago)
    To help us identify and replicate bugs, please provide screenshots of all processes involved, even if you think they might not be useful. They can drastically help us locate the issue and resolve it.

    For Desktop users

    1. Click on the window you want to take a screenshot of.
    2. Press `Alt + Print Screen` on Windows, or `Shift + Ctrl + Cmd + 3` for Mac.
    3. Go to one or and press `Ctrl + V` on Windows, or `Cmd + V` on Mac.
    4. For Snipboard, would need a direct image link to be able to use it in forums (something that ends in .jpg or .png or .gif). You can simply copy the link from here:

    You can then click on the Photo icon and paste the copied link in the pop-up box and click on Add Image.

    5. For Imgur, you can click on these three dots > Get share links and then copy the BBCode link.

    You can then simply post the copied link in the post reply directly and the system embeds the image for you.

    For Mobile users

    1. Search on Google on how to take a screenshot on your device. So, something like like this will give you the exact shortcut for your device "Take screenshot on Google Pixel 5" (replace Google Pixel 5 with your device name). Usually it is a combination of power button + volume key pressed simultaneously.
    2. It is recommended to use to upload the screenshots on a mobile device. You can upload your screenshot by clicking on "pick a file" option on the webpage:

    3. After this, you can simply follow the steps give above for the Desktop users to upload your screenshot and post it on Forums.

    Thank you.
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