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Invest money and be inactive
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    Posted on 22:57:23 - 08/07/21 (11 months ago)
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    tanj [1419469]

    Once the stock market crashes will be digging your self a big hole...and you are too young to be taking investment ones gonna invest in a guy with your networth bcz you don't have the funds to pay us back if things go south

    Untouchable [1360035]

    Things will go south, it's not a question of if, but when imo

    With things like this, someone could invest with you, and you just have a bad week, and they want their money back. You're -20% in a stock you're waiting to recover (see BAG lol) and you can't cover the losses if they want to pull out, or even if you could... should you?

    Your customer is gonna get pissed you lost their money, and take it out on you.

    90M in profits isn't much of a proven track record, I get that you feel you're doing well and would like to share the success with others, but just be careful :) Don't get yourself in a mess you can't dig out of.
    Ok ill make some changes thx for telling me tho ;)
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