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TSB and CNC block buddy offer
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    Thread created on 03:41:29 - 17/05/21 (1 year ago)
    I don't even know if people would be interested but might as well make thread about this
    I'm kinda young to torn and I'm just trying to make cash using different tactics and this seems pretty decent

    I'd like to buy TSB and/or CNC with you ballers' generous cash and give you the stock profit while splitting it 10/40m and 10/70mil,
    500k/3.5m GRN and 1m/11m IOU.
    (you get the larger monies)

    and this seems viable because this way you won't have to spend double the amount of the first increment to get the same benefit.

    As for collateral, I genuinely do not know what would be appropriate but we can work something out.
    Cause if I piss off anyone you guys can well enough bully me outta here.

    Anyway, just text me if you're interested

    Also, on another note: the world sucks a lot and existence is pain.
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