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Stock Market Balance
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    Thread created on 05:38:33 - 26/03/21 (1 year ago)
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    The market seems out of balance: for a small number of companies, there have no shares available, presumably because holding large blocks gave benefits in travel, education, energy.  Some (maybe many are) locked up, possibly in dormant player's portfolios.  Ordinarily, as demand increased, there would be a market-maker to ensure liquidity in the shares; or else the share price would keep rising as investors continue to issue higher- and higher-priced buy-orders.  Alternately, this pent-up demand would lead to competition, and new companies would fill the markt demand: there would be another university, another fast-food conglomerate, and another advertising agency offering similar rewards.

    Since we can't pry shares from dormant player's cold, dead hands, can we have competitor companies? Alternately, maybe a 7-year statue of limitations applies, and after 2555 days, assets start to be reclaimed by government trustees?

    A Hunter-Gatherer

    P.S. The other airport on the map is intriguing ... maybe I can become an Air Force general?
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    Posted on 07:30:48 - 26/03/21 (1 year ago)
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    There are NPC stock drops and an NPC buying system. This has a lot of info that explains how some of the problems you mention are managed.  

    Stock exchange wiki

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