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Torn Economic Review - August 2022
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    Thread created on 13:00:59 - 22/11/22 (2 months ago)
    Hello again, citizens of Torn City!

    The latest Torn Economic Review is now available! This report includes data through August 2022.

    Click here to view the report (PDF)
    Click here to view the online interactive dashboard

    This report refocuses on the core of Torn's long-term economic health: Players, Money Supply, and Markets

    1. Players
    --- Active Players on the Rise
    --- Segment Categories
    --- Segment Assignment Flowchart
    --- Size of Segments
    --- Segment Transfer Rates

    2. Money Supply
    --- Current State
    --- Expansion
    --- Money Supply per Active Player

    3. Markets
    --- Interactive Dashboard Link
    --- Points Market
    --- Pawn Shop

    4. Appendix
    --- Segment Distribution by Signup Year
    --- Stocks 3.0
    --- Faucet-Drain Model
    --- --- Avoiding Hyperinflation

    Additionally, this is the first version of the Economic Review that includes alt text for all charts. This is intended to improve the experience for visually impaired users. You may need to download the PDF and use special software like Acrobat Reader to view the alt text. If you notice any issue or quirks with this experience, please let me know!
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