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Auction House - Advanced weapons update
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    Thread created on 17:49:36 - 08/11/22 (2 months ago)

    This week we've added the ability to auction advanced weapons and armor in the Auction House and separated all listings into three simple categories: Weapons, Armor, and Items. Some other changes, both to the Auction House and site-wide have also been made alongside this release.

    - All advanced weapons and armor can now be added to the Auction House.

    - For all other items, they must now be at least Rare (with a total circulation of 1,000 or less) in order to be listed. Some Uncommon and Limited items that were previously listed will remain until their expiry.

    - The Auction House item rarity tabs have been replaced with three simplified category tabs for Weapons, Armor, and Items. Extremely Rare, Very Rare, and Rare items now appear together in the same tab.

    - The available auctioning durations have been changed from 3 - 30 days to just 3 days, 5 days, 7 days (default), and 10 days.

    - Items appearing in the Auction house, Display cases, and Home page now show their damage / accuracy / armor values, equipped mods, and any bonuses.

    - The items you're auctioning, or any item you've placed a bid on, will be forced to the top of the relevant list to make them easy for you to track until the end.

    There are some remaining minor visual issues, but we didn't want these delaying the release of this update any further. We'll continue polishing everything over the next week or two.


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