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Patch list #264 : 08/11/2022
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    Thread created on 17:40:10 - 08/11/22 (2 months ago)
    Patch list

    A list of all updates released between the dates of 01/11/2022 and 08/11/2022.

    - Released self-exclusion system for the Casino
    - Added the ability to officially auction advanced weapons and armor via the Auction House
    - Added bonus icons and values for damage / accuracy / armor to item images on Auction House & Display Case
    - Merged Home page Weapon & Armor panels into a single panel which displays values & mod / bonus icons
    - Disabled the routine captchas which previously required completing every two hours
    - Changed Halloween baskets to not self-evolve w/o attacking, but instead display 'ready for evolution' notice
    - Changed the 10 member requirement for Ranked Warring enlistment to also allow recruits to be counted
    - Fixed faction hidden ranks only being updated for enlisted factions resulting in blocked enlistment for some
    - Fixed issue with 'stun' bonus turn ordering when viewing an attack log in reverse
    - Fixed issue with populating Faction's 'Give to user' field via URL if the user's name also matched a userID
    - Fixed rounding inconsistency of purchased share value in listing's transactions list on the Stock Market
    - Fixed daily casino tokens being missed when receiving tokens from Press Pass immediately after midnight
    - Fixed issue where outbox results were appearing in inbox subject searches
    - Fixed 'copy to clipboard' buttons not working on Recruit Citizens due to depreciated command usage
    - Fixed Newspaper's graphical styling elements overlapping player-submitted adverts at the bottom
    - Fixed item information panel not being openable for locked 'dollar sale' items listed on Bazaars for $1
    - Fixed incorrect behavior on non-react dropdowns while focusing by inputting text for option selection
    - Fixed general grammar and / or typos

    Developer focus

    The workforce's current project focuses this week.

    Joe: Project management / Crimes 2.0 / Charity center
    Pavel: Crimes 2.0 / PHP8 migration
    Kostya: Bugs & issues
    Alexander: Bugs & issues / Retina support
    Sergey: Bot hunter model deployment
    Catherine: Bugs & issues / Updating breakpoints for pages without the sidebar
    Artem: Poker SnG tournaments
    Vadim: App updates & fixes / Testing new auto-auth system / Optimising app's database
    Oksana: Bugs & issues / CT2022 quest creator / CT2022 movement refactoring
    Roman: Events system rebuild
    Serhii: Auto-auth system for app / Migrate faction info panel to React
    Dmytro: Bookies updates & fixes / Preparing to increase bookie betting limit to $1b
    Violeta: Auction house bugs & issues
    Wouter: Crimes 2.0
    Rebecca: Preparing Torn's services for cloud migration
    Jane: Item market / Crimes 2.0
    Lena: CT2022
    Nadiia: Crimes 2.0
    Yuliia: Retina images project
    Nikita: Bugs & Issues / QA
    DDX: OCs 2.0 / Item modeling / Cloud migration POC / Chat 2.0
    Eugene: Prototyping new armor sets
    Chris: Economic monitoring / Economic report 2022
    Kevin: General marketing / App marketing
    Ash: Social media / Newspaper / Event planning / Creative design
    Alice: Crime writing

    This workforce project focus list gives a little insight into what projects we're working on week by week, it doesn't include team managers. These current priorities declared informally by personnel for the week unfolding do not include other smaller projects they may be working on or the usual bug fixes. If an anticipated project is not on the list, it could mean that it's frozen due to other priorities, being worked on as a separate non-priority, or has been completed and awaiting testing / release.
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