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Big Al's Bunker - Advanced weapon exchange
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    Thread created on 16:56:33 - 27/09/22 (4 months ago)

    Big Al's Bunker is an underground exchange for advanced weapons. Access is granted by spending 2,500 points at the points building, after which a link to the Bunker will appear in the top right of Big Al's Gun Shop.

    Here, any unwanted advanced weapons can be exchanged for Bunker Bucks, which in turn can be spent on fresh weapon and armor caches.

    A newspaper article featuring this release is available here.

    Furthermore, it is now possible for some additional weapons to appear in caches which were previously excluded, these are: Diamond Bladed Knife, Naval Cutlass, Chain Whip, Leather Bullwhip, Frying Pan, S&W Revolver, Beretta 92FS.

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