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Gym training : Stat cap removal
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    Thread created on 16:16:08 - 02/08/22 (6 months ago)

    After many months of careful consideration, we have decided to remove the gym 'stat cap', a limit that halts the growth of gym gains after reaching 50,000,000 in a stat. Beyond this point, gym gains will now continue to increase at a steadily decreasing rate, allowing for controlled, exponential growth more comparable with the gains received from stat enhancers.

    Everyone should now notice their gym gains increasing slightly with every training session, however, this change only makes a meaningful difference to those who have stats in the multiple billions. Heavy stat enhancer usage still provides significant gains far quicker than anything else can when stats are in the billions, but gym training now has some relevance again for those who had previously abandoned it.

    I have provided some rough examples to express the scale of change that's happening. Instead of stat growth stagnating before 5b stats, some level of limited growth continues. We define heavy training as using 1500e every day with the happiness of a fully upgraded PI in George's gym, but without Steadfast.

    - Heavily training a 50m stat will yield 211.75% monthly growth, the same as before.
    - Heavily training a 100m stat will now yield 108.05% monthly growth instead of 103.35%.
    - Heavily training a 1b stat will now yield 12.87% monthly growth instead of 10.33%.
    - Heavily training a 5b stat will now yield 4.47% monthly growth instead of 2.07%.
    - Heavily training a 10b stat will now yield 3.37% monthly growth instead of 1.03%.
    - Heavily training a 50b stat will now yield 2.40% monthly growth instead of 0.21%.
    - Heavily training a 100b stat will now yield 2.24% monthly growth instead of 0.10%.
    - Heavily training a 500b stat will now yield 2.03% monthly growth instead of 0.02%.
    - Heavily training a 1t stat will now yield 1.97% monthly growth instead of 0.01%.

    If we consider that a stat enhancer increases a stat by 1%, we can say that those at 10b stats can now gain the equivalent of 3.37 monthly stat enhancers with heavy training, whereas before, it was only 1.

    There are several strong reasons for making this change...

    - Reducing the dependency on having to afford stat enhancers for end-game stat building.
    - More variation of player stats at the end-game for those who don't have access to stat enhancers.
    - The satisfaction of continued growth of gains per train, even if the difference isn't significantly meaningful to most.

    For further reading, please also see the related newspaper article.

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