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Patch list #202 : 27/07/2021
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    Thread created on 14:23:51 - 27/07/21 (2 months ago)
    Patch list

    A list of all updates released between the dates of 20/07/2021 and 27/07/2021.

    - Rebuilt personal stats archive system to permanently keep a midnight snapshot of all changed stats
    - Refactored very old Hunting system code and added World Tiger Day mini-event
    - Fixed issue where the position dropdown could not be opened of the faction member at the bottom of the list
    - Fixed issue where revives from low skilled revivers incorrectly removed the low life icon
    - Fixed users being auto-fedded upon having $1t in their wallet by removing an old legacy system
    - Fixed referral honours not being rewarded if the referral is manually applied by staff after they reached level 10
    - Fixed broken quantity decrement on Skateboards and Boxing Gloves
    - Fixed ability to access Russian Roulette from Federal Jail
    - Fixed issues with field when attempting to rename cars in mobile view
    - Fixed overlapping / style issues when changing cars on Racing on mobile view
    - Fixed layout abnormalities in the Donator Awareness Questionnaire
    - Fixed issue where number of job points would visually decrease when company specials failed with errors
    - Fixed 'number of votes' not appearing on Mr & Ms Torn contestant's profiles
    - Fixed issue at the dump where the previously found item image remained while searching for a new item
    - Fixed general grammar / typos

    - [DARK] Added dark styles to old text editor used in messages / newsletters / forum signature e.t.c.
    - [DARK] Fixed some low-contrast links in faction armory
    - [DARK] Fixed user list divider colors in mobile/tablet views
    - [DARK] Fixed divider colors on armory pages

    This list does not include work done on new features that are unreleased. Patch lists are scheduled every Tuesday but are occasionally delayed or skipped.

    Developer focus

    The workforce's current project focuses this week.

    Joe: Project management / Weapon bonuses / Crimes 2.0 / API key revamp
    Pavel: Core refactoring / Finalizing new front controller / Crimes 2.0 / API key access types
    Kostya: Poker dark mode
    Alexander: Dark Mode / WAI support
    Dima: Vacation
    Sergey: Ranked warring / Ranked war reports
    Ivanu: ICS project
    Catherine: Ranked warring
    Artem: Poker bugs & issues
    Sviat: Crimes 2.0
    Vadim: Native android app / New caching system to solve slowness issues
    Vlad: Bookies 2.1
    Oksana: Personal stats system improvements
    Roman: Bugs & issues / ICS project / CT 2021 updates
    Serhii: Bugs & issues / CT2021 User movement optimisation
    Dmytro: Bookie 2.1 public beta
    Ivans: Additional competition checks / New editor
    Jimmy: Continue soft implementation of container orchestration
    Jane: New API permissions system / Crimes 2.0
    Nadiia: UX interactions
    Nikita: Bugs & Issues / QA / Testing
    Aerb: Organised crimes system review
    Eugene: Modelling clothing caches
    Chris: Economic monitoring
    Kevin: General marketing / App marketing
    Ash: Social media / Newspaper / Event planning
    Alice: Crime writing

    This workforce project focus list gives a little insight into what projects we're working on week by week, it doesn't include team managers. These current priorities declared informally by personnel for the week unfolding do not include other smaller projects they may be working on or the usual bug fixes. If an anticipated project is not on the list, it could mean that it's frozen due to other priorities, being worked on as a separate non-priority, or has been completed and awaiting testing / release.
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