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Player Committee Applications [Closed]
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    Thread created on 13:12:42 - 22/07/21 (3 months ago)
    Applications are now closed. I greatly appreciate everyone who took the time to apply, in total there were 117 applications for the committee. I have been going through these over the last few weeks, accepting a few and contacting a few others, I will endeavour to contact everyone who has applied within the next few weeks. 

    Hello everyone,

    The opportunity has come again for us to bring some fresh faces into the player committee, we've had a few members leave recently and we would be keen to get some new members into the existing team to help in discussions, ongoing and upcoming, regarding significant areas of the game as well as plenty of smaller discussion and beta testing opportunities.

    For those who are unsure what the players committee is - The committee is a group of active players within Torn who act as a sounding board for Chedburn and the developers when they wish to make changes or add new features. These players perform a crucial role in helping us figure out the impact of these alterations, suggesting alternatives where necessary, and beta testing the changes when finalised.

    Members of the committee must be able to discuss these issues in a straightforward and constructive manner. Topics that you might end up discussing and testing include, but are not limited to; warring or faction mechanics, bonuses for special weapons, crimes, competitions, and general balancing changes needed for the continued smooth running of Torn.

    If you are an active player who has the time and expertise to contribute valuable information frequently, then I encourage you to apply to join the committee. Before you do so, you must be aware that while committee members are not staff, they are still held to an incredibly high standard. Breaching agreed-upon conditions as a committee member can result in your membership being revoked - at best. At worst, major transgressions can see your account deleted.

    It's for this reason we have the following core rules for the player committee:

    1) Never use your position within the committee for personal gain. Absolutely everything in Torn is logged, and potential avenues of abuse are checked. Furthermore, any claims made by the public regarding potential misconduct will be followed up with a thorough investigation.

    2) Do not share any sensitive information with anyone outside of the committee, staff, or developers. Even sharing information with your closest friends or real-life family could end in disaster, and it is easy for us to link accounts which are clearly based on real-life relationships. If you wish to mention or discuss something with the public, you can request permission to do so in a committee thread.

    3) Do not put yourself in a position where you could be accused of abuse. If you were going to make an action regardless of insider information, but it might appear to the greater public or within admin logs as potential abuse, you must not complete that action. These sacrifices must be made to ensure total clarity and integrity.

    4) Do not make any copies of content or information shared within the committee without express permission. No forum posts should ever be copied to anywhere else, and should only exist within the Player Committee forum.

    Further guidelines will be discussed in your interview should you make it that far. Ultimately, trust is the most important trait we look for in committee applicants - if we do not feel we can trust you with insider information, then you are not right for the position. We also want to ensure that we maintain a reasonable balance of active players among the committee, hence why we are inviting new applicants at this time.

    We are not exclusively looking for top tier/high level players, up and coming new players are also encouraged to apply, as are those who might not be active in every area of the game itself, but rather might have an active focus on singular or particularly niche areas as these may well be topics we'd be discussing now or in the future that we feel you could have a valuable contribution to.

    If you're not scared off by the commitments required of the position and are still interested in applying, please email me at with your answers to the following:

    - Name and player ID (I would recommend including this in the mail subject)
    - Why do you want to be a committee member?
    - What do you see a committee member's role as being?
    - How extensive is your knowledge of Torn?
    - What can you add to the committee that benefits the game?
    - What new perspectives will you bring to the committee?
    - Have you ever been a beta tester of anything before?
    - What are your existing thoughts on the committee?
    - If accepted on to the committee, which areas of the game are you most passionate about discussing and working on?

    Please note, I am currently only recruiting for the player committee, not for staff, and that this is a volunteer position. Do not mail me your applications in-game, only via the email listed above.

    Applications will remain open for several weeks, with the final date for applying being Sunday August 15th 23:59 TCT. I will reply to all applications with a yes or no decision, reviewing applications as they come in, please allow up to a month after the closing date for any final replies.

    Thank you.

    - Joshua
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