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Patch list #196 : 15/06/2021
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    Thread created on 08:58:52 - 16/06/21 (4 months ago)
    Patch list

    A list of all updates released between the dates of 08/06/2021 and 15/06/2021.

    - Released a new lootable NPC : Tiny [21]
    - Released property rental extensions
    - Added play/pause functionality for the cloud animation when traveling for devices that struggle
    - Removed artificial 100b stat cap when fighting NPCs
    - Fixed Sports Medicine education course not providing 10% to temporary booster passive stat increases
    - Fixed visible company ages to have higher precision
    - Fixed alignment and margin issues on the user and subject fields when composing Messages on mobile
    - Fixed missing car images on other Enlisted cars pages
    - Fixed racing condition depositing money into the faction fault while being mugged
    - Fixed graphical issue on the agent 'available missions' counter on the Missions page
    - Fixed general grammar / typos

    - [DARK] Added new styles for input fields
    - [DARK] Added styling for the 'Reporting' panels and 'Tell Your Story' Newspaper blocks
    - [DARK] Added styling for Auction House bidding block
    - [DARK] Fixed incorrect displaying of the bid timer after updating the bid
    - [DARK] Fixed incorrect displaying of the item picture after updating the bid
    - [DARK] Fixed faint model clothing masks appearing in the background

    - [APP] Added in-app purchases via Google Play
    - [APP] Added back button tap-and-hold history functionality
    - [APP] Added ability to long press on a tab to instantly close it
    - [APP] Added rate prompting 'heart' button
    - [APP] Implemented changing of toolbar padding depending on screen size
    - [APP] Updated deep linking functionality
    - [APP] Fixed prompting number keyboard when needed
    - [APP] Fixed issue with refreshing page after enabling internet connection
    - [APP] Fixed issue with resetting password within the app
    - [APP] Fixed issue when rotating device on Android 7
    - [APP] Fixed issue with toolbar icon size on small displays
    - [APP] Fixed crash on specific android versions with many tabs open
    - [APP] Fixed crash on Android 5 when attempting to close a tab
    - [APP] Performance optimizations

    This list does not include work done on new features that are unreleased. Full pushes are scheduled every Tuesday but are occasionally delayed or skipped.

    Developer focus

    The workforce's current project focuses this week.

    Joe: Project management / Weapon bonuses / Crimes 2.0
    Pavel: Core refactoring / Attack log refactoring / Item bonuses generator
    Kostya: Bugs & issues / Poker dark mode
    Alexander: Bugs & issues / Dark mode
    Dima: Developer workflow & environments / Personal stats system
    Sergey: Bugs & issues / Improving bothunter models
    Ivanu: Bugs & issues / ICS project
    Catherine: Bugs & issues / Dark mode / ICS / Advanced search changes
    Artem: Bugs & issues
    Sviat: Bugs & issues / Crimes 2.0
    Vadim: Native android app / Fixing issues with google play integration
    Vlad: Bugs & issues / Bookies 2.1 public beta
    Oksana: Bugs & issues / Personal stats / Dark mode
    Roman: Bugs & issues / Organised crime icon / CT NPC item generation rebuild
    Serhii: Bugs & issues / CT User movement optimisation
    Dmytro: Bookie 2.1 public beta
    Ivans: Bugs & issues
    Jimmy: Continue soft implementation of container orchestration
    Jane: Vacation
    Nadiia: UX interactions
    Nikita: Bugs & Issues / Dark mode
    Eugene: Modelling clothing caches
    Chris: Economic monitoring
    Kevin: General marketing / App marketing
    Ash: Social media / Newspaper / Event planning
    Alice: Crime writing

    This workforce project focus list gives a little insight into what projects we're working on week by week, it doesn't include team managers. These current priorities declared informally by personnel for the week unfolding do not include other smaller projects they may be working on or the usual bug fixes. If an anticipated project is not on the list, it could mean that it's frozen due to other priorities, being worked on as a separate non-priority, or has been completed and awaiting testing / release.
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