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Downtime: Saturday 24th April [Completed]
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    Thread created on 09:04:26 - 20/04/21 (6 months ago)
    The maintenance was a success and we completed everything we hoped to achieve earlier than expected. However, once we allowed traffic back onto the site, a bug in a minor MySQL version update kept causing crashes on our largest database server. What's worse is that simply rolling back the update is no longer possible with this software. We were forced to entirely dump and load the database in order to revert the software which took an additional 4 hours. Fortunately all seems to be good now, and our work appears to have improved site performance.

    It is likely we'll need to make an additional downtime window at some point in the near future to do the same for the other three database servers - reverting the update.


    We're scheduling a 3 hour downtime window on Saturday 24th April starting at 11:00 TCT and finishing at 14:00 TCT for general maintenance. We're hoping to finish earlier than this, we'll open everything back up as early as we can.

    We'll be upgrading the network cards on our servers, making firmware & OS updates, installing a new server for local backup storage, preparing infrastructure for a new database server, as well as performing some scheduled checks.

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