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Patch list #188 : 13/04/2021
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    Thread created on 14:56:42 - 13/04/21 (6 months ago)
    Patch list

    A list of all updates released between the dates of 06/04/2021 and 13/04/2021.

    - Added dark mode styles for Bazaar & Ammo pages
    - Added supply pack animation for Goodie Bags
    - Rebuilt progress bars into CSS for the Display Case and Server Status page
    - Rebuilt range sliders into CSS on the Attack Preferences page and Add Bounty page
    - Renamed Recoil Pad's "control" and Education's "ammo management" bonuses to "ammo conservation"
    - Changed all Log column names to snake_case in preparation for API version
    - Fixed z-index for Easter Eggs to prevent some site elements from appearing on top of them
    - Fixed accuracy of the territory war graph trajectory projection
    - Fixed trigger for the Monopoly honor
    - Fixed issue with Stock Market charts displaying local time instead of TCT
    - Fixed displaying passive benefit share requirements on the Stock Market
    - Fixed updated share prices adjusting the result text on completed purchases / sales
    - Fixed issue with 'next increment' information after a cycle has begun on the Stock Market
    - Fixed correctly blocking buying / selling / collecting on the Stock Market while in Jail / Hospital / Traveling
    - Fixed old stock market page to redirect to the new one
    - Fixed Stock Market user icon not appearing / disappearing when expected
    - Fixed using "." in money input fields on the Stock Market for e.g. 1.5m
    - Fixed chart date-range selection on one stock in the Stock Market also selecting the same date range on others
    - Fixed transaction change values on Stock Market charts when viewing history of a transaction
    - Fixed hiding of 'Last month' / 'Last Year' / 'All Time' chart selections on Stock Market until needed
    - Fixed rounding error preventing purchases in the Stock Market
    - Fixed showing highest / lowest prices on the Stock Market even with low resolution graphs
    - Fixed behaviour of energy / happiness when being collected
    - Fixed maximum amount of shares input occasionally being wrong due to rounding issue in the Stock Market
    - Fixed blocking the Bounties / Personals / Comics / Freebies pages while logged out
    - Fixed correct user icons being assigned when the Company director is switched to someone else
    - Fixed empty tooltip on Company Upgrades slider
    - Fixed background going from white to grey when using a medical item but still in hospital
    - Fixed minor issues with the Log's calendar tab
    - Fixed issues with table / sentence view styles on the Log in dark mode
    - Fixed deleting 'read' subscribed threads not reducing subscribed threads count on the Forums
    - Fixed display issues on Awards page while in Jail / Hospital
    - Fixed TORN logo overlapping tooltips and mini-profiles while on the Stock Market and Committee page
    - Fixed jail escape / jail busting locking to prevent racing conditions
    - Fixed missing header issue on the newspaper
    - Fixed general grammar / typos

    - [LOG] Fixed issue with Brown Eggs being incorrectly recorded as 'Intelligence' gain

    - [API] Released 'user' -> 'stocks' and 'torn' -> 'stocks' selections for the new stock market
    - [API] Added Easter Egg Hunt information to the 'competition' selections
    - [API] Added 100,000 limit on faction news reads
    - [API] Removed 'faction' -> full news selections

    This list does not include work done on new features that are unreleased. Full pushes are scheduled every Tuesday but are occasionally delayed or skipped.

    Developer focus

    The workforce's current project focuses this week.

    Joe: Project management / Weapon bonuses / Log API
    Pavel: Core refactoring / Weapon bonuses & stats / Crimes 2.0 / Various small updates
    Kostya: Bugs & issues / Rich text editor
    Alexander: Dark mode beta release
    Dima: Vacation
    Sergey: Bugs & issues / Bothunter
    Ivanu: Bugs & issues / ICS project
    Catherine: Dark mode / ICS project
    Artem: Bugs & issues
    Sviat: Bugs & issues / Crimes 2.0
    Vadim: Native android app / Additional app functionalities
    Vlad: Bugs & Issues / Dark mode / Bookie 2.1
    Oksana: Bugs & issues / Stocks 3.0 fixes & improvements / Dark mode
    Roman: Bugs & issues
    Serhii: Bugs & issues / Stocks 3.0 fixes & improvements
    Dmytro: Bookie 2.1 closed beta release
    Ivans: Bugs & issues / Easter Egg Hunt
    Jimmy: Testing container orchestration
    Jane: Bugs & issues / Dark mode
    Nadiia: Dark mode
    Nikita: Bugs & Issues / Dark mode / Feature testing
    Eugene: Modelling clothing caches
    Chris: Economic monitoring / Stocks 3.0
    Kevin: General marketing / App marketing
    Ash: Social media / Newspaper / Event planning
    Alice: Crime writing

    This workforce project focus list gives a little insight into what projects we're working on week by week, it doesn't include team managers. These current priorities declared informally by personnel for the week unfolding do not include other smaller projects they may be working on or the usual bug fixes. If an anticipated project is not on the list, it could mean that it's frozen due to other priorities, being worked on as a separate non-priority, or has been completed and awaiting testing / release.
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