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Stocks 3.0
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    Thread created on 13:50:20 - 06/04/21 (6 months ago)

    We've just released a brand new Stock Exchange built from the ground up. It's very different from the old version, but your transition between them should be pretty smooth.

    We've taken all of the feedback over the last decade to create what we feel is the perfect stock exchange engine. We've heeded all of the lessons we've learned from the past, eliminated the frustrations, built upon the positive aspects, and fine-tuned everything to create what we consider to be the best possible system for Torn and its players. Here is a summary of the most notable elements of Stocks 3.0.

    - All stock prices have continued from where they were in the previous version.

    - Price movements are now every minute (instead of every 15 minutes) and are based on real-world stocks in the same industries as Torn's; we won't be able to provide any more information than this.

    - Stock prices are expected to increase by an average of 10% per year; however, there are no guarantees. Some stocks can be incredibly volatile, doubling within a month or crashing significantly.

    - Buying and selling shares is now unlimited and instant; no more queues or waiting for more shares to be available.

    - There is, however, a fee that will be applied to all stock sales. This fee is there to help dissuade people from using the stock system as a bank. The fee will remain at 0% for two weeks until 20th April, when it will increase to 0.1% on all sales.

    - Stocks cannot be bought or sold while abroad. Since transactions are instant, this is obviously no longer possible.

    - Stocks can no longer be traded directly between players. Since instant buying and selling is now always available, there's no longer any need for this. All stocks will be bought and sold via the stock system.

    - You can now receive multiple increments of stock dividends by owning double the cost of the last increment. For example, owning 2m shares in FHG will provide you with one Feathery Hotel Coupon per week, 4m additional shares will get you a second FHC, and 8m more shares will get you a third.

    - Passive stock benefits will take 7 days before they become active and cannot be further increased by doubling share requirements. All previously active stock benefits will carry over from the last system.

    - Stock dividends are no longer received at random intervals. They take a guaranteed 7 or 31 days and can then be withdrawn at your leisure.

    - Several dividends have been adjusted or replaced. For example TC Clothing now provides clothing caches, Mc Smoogle provides multiple increments of +100 energy, and HRG now has an equal chance of receiving any property from a Trailer to Private Islands (hence the requirement increase).

    - Not all active dividends are balanced and provide good value. It'll be up to you to determine the best investments as the landscape continuously changes.

    - The TCSE 30 listing no longer exists. Players who had shares in this listing will receive cashiers checks for the value - these checks will not expire.

    - 6 new Stock Exchange honor bars have been added: City Slicker, Tendies, Diamond Hands, Stonks, Bullish, and Bearish.

    - While the API selections haven't been updated for today's release, we're expecting them to be ready and live within a few days.

    This new system might take some getting used to of course, but we're very confident that Stocks 3.0 marks a significant improvement for everyone.

    If you spot any problems, please let us know in the Bugs & Issues forum. We'll be addressing them quickly and releasing fixes this week as necessary.

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