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Current projects & your suggestions
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    Thread created on 14:28:12 - 22/02/16 (6 years ago)
    This post was initially going to be a pretty simple message explaining why I've been slow replying to threads in the suggestions forum. Basically it's because I'm not currently looking for new ideas at the moment, and am saving them for when we have some free development time available. To explain why we don't have free development time available, I had to add the next bit...

    I thought it might be interesting for players to see the current list of features we're working on right now. This list won't be something we update or release frequently as it's totally based on estimations and I can see users getting frustrated if we don't meet deadlines. Also I kind of like the sudden big surprises when we release something!

    The percent of completion is an 'off the top of my head' estimation of how far along the project is. It includes concept design, graphics, templating, programming, beta testing and final fixes. They can't really be used to estimate when the project will be released as we don't list how many developers are working on them and when or if development started full swing, but it at least gives you the impression that we're not sitting around with our thumbs up our arses. I also list the size of the update based on the amount of development required. Small projects will of course generally increase in percentage faster than large projects.

    Faction upgrade trees (Medium) - 60%
    Territory map (Large) - 95%
    Territory warfare system (Small) - 75%
    Subscriber revamp (Medium) - 85%
    Donator notebook (Small) - 80%
    Crimes 2.0 initial release (Large) - 55%
    Weapon mods (Small) - 50%
    Second contract agent (Medium) - 40%
    Stealth & Runaway revamp (Small) - 70%
    Drugs 2.0 (Medium) - 20%
    Starter jobs revamp (Small) - 20%
    Android & iOS application (Small) - 30%
    New casino game (Small) - 70%
    Travelling 2.0 (Medium) - 35%
    Weapon & Armor caches (Medium) - 30%

    The list doesn't include...

    - Updates that follow on from ones that are already in progress (Like chaining revamp, third contract agent, territorial influence).
    - Projects that are not guaranteed to be released at some point.
    - Projects temporarily on hold (Like Poker).
    - Projects very early in the design phase.
    - Rebuilding of areas for optimizations but result in no real visual difference.
    - Planned new competitions.
    - Random minor additions and changes (like redesigns of pages, new items or honor bars).
    - Minor updates (like sounds for chat or amazon subscriptions).
    - Projects that have not actually started the development process (many will probably appear before some of those listed are completed).
    - Projects that don't affect a large chunk of the playerbase.

    Of course as you can imagine, once projects are completed and drop off the list, more new projects come in to replace them.

    Please do keep suggestions coming though, I will eventually get around to reading and commenting on all 100+ rated ones. I just want to be in a frame of mind where I'm excited to read them because we actually have the time and freedom to implement them.

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