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Switzerland, is a small country situated in Western Europe. Geneva, Switzerland is a current available travel location. It takes 3 hours each way and costs $27,000. Travel costs can be made free and travel times can be cut by 1/3 with the property upgrade, Airstrip


Hello and welcome to our advanced rehabilitation center based in the most relaxing place in the world; Switzerland! For a small fee of $250,000 we will help to get you less addicted or maybe even completely off of drugs!

The rehab center allow players to reduce the addiction of a drug for $250,000 each visit.


Name Category Buying Price Selling Price
Chamois PlushieSpecial$400$300
Flash GrenadeTemporary$12,000$10,000
CannabisDrugChanges DailyN/A
KetamineDrugChanges DailyN/A
LSDDrugChanges DailyN/A
PCPDrugChanges DailyN/A
ShroomsDrugChanges DailyN/A

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