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Cape Town, South Africa is a current location available for travel. It takes 4 hours and 30 minutes each way and the ticket costs $40,000. If you have a Private Island with the Airstrip upgrade, travel costs can be made free and travel times can be cut by 1/3 (3 hours).


Name Category Buying Price Selling Price
Vektor cr 21Primary$25$ 6,500
Mag 7Primary$ 7,500$ 50,000
SpearMelee$ 600$ 400
Knuckle DustersMelee$ 750$ 500
Improved Interceptor VestArmor$ 3,500,000$ 1,000,000
LSDDrugChanges DailyN/A
OpiumDrugChanges DailyN/A
PCPDrugChanges DailyN/A
ShroomsDrugChanges DailyN/A
XanaxDrugsChanges DailyN/A
Lion PlushieSpecial$ 400$ 300
Elephant StatueSpecial $500$ 300
African VioletSpecial $2,000$ 1,500
Afro CombSpecial$ 50,000$ 30,000
Smoke GrenadeTemporary$ 20,000$ 15,000

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