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The Torn City Times is the official newspaper of Torn City. It is available for free and updated regularly.



Front Page

On its front page the newspaper features the following:

  • Players articles (you can gain an Honor for having a featured article)
  • T.C.S.E 30 Share Prices
  • One Personal
  • One Bounty
  • Last weeks Lottery winner -- See Casino
  • Text Advertisements
  • One Graphic Advertisement

Other Pages

The paper also includes the following sub-sections, some of which:



You can purchase a textual add placement in the newspaper at a cost of $250,000 through Messaging Inc. Once your message is listed it cannot changed. The maximum number of charters is 255. Adds are subject to the Game Rules.

The Messaging Inc Stock benefit allows for the placement of free textual adds.


You can purchase a graphical add placement in the newspaper at a cost of $2,500,000. Only advertisements based on Torn City will be accepted. It will stay in the loop for 7 days. The advertisement must look relatively good and not offend the papers layout and style. The advertisement must be accepted before it can be published. The single advert will be shown on:

The Yazoo Stock benefit allows for the placement of free graphical adds.

Articles Relating to City Locations

West Side
North side
Red-Light District
City Center
East Side