Torn City New Player Missions

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New to Torn?

We understand a game this size can be overwhelming. We want to help you get started in your journey with us.

Start your Journey here!

We currently provide Missions just for new players. The Missions are here to guide you and explain the in's and out's of basic day to day game play. We will give you a step by step guide as to how to complete these missions and hopefully this will help you get well on your way in our big city. So let's begin! Be sure to click each Mission title for a detailed explanation of how to accomplish those goals.

Mission 1

Getting Started

This mission will show you how to train your stats, get your first job, view the eduction courses we offer, try your hand at being a criminal and purchasing a weapon.

Mission 2

Melee Weapons and Attacking

This mission will walk you through equipping your Melee weapon, attacking another player and a brief reminder to train the rest of your energy.

Mission 3

The Grind

This mission will show you the fine art of searching for cash in the city. Hey! You have to make money somehow to survive.

Mission 4

Guns and Attacking

This mission will introduce you to buying gun's as your weapon, buying the ammo and loading it and the best part attacking real players!