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Item cooldowns were added to the game to prevent certain items from being used excessively in short periods for huge advantages. These items all share a cooldown timer, known as a "Booster Cooldown".

Every use of booster cause adding certain time to your cooldown timer. You will not be able to use more booster, if the timer will reach over the value of 24 hours. Booster Cooldown is counting down, as per real time.

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Cooldown affected items

Item Location Cooldown Sell price Benefit
Feathery hotel couponFHC Stock Benefit6 Hours$0Refills Energy and gives 500 Happy
Erotic DVDPRN Stock Benefit6 Hours$0 + 2,500 Happy
DumbbellsSports shop & City find6 Hours$200Gives 1% Strength
SkateboardSports shop & City find6 Hours$200Gives 1% Speed
Boxing glovesSports shop & City find6 Hours$200Gives 1% Defence
ParachuteSports shop & City find6 Hours$200Gives 1% Dexterity
Bag of Candy KissesHallow & Xmas Town30 Minutes$20 + 25 Happy
Bag of Tootsie RollsHallow & Xmas Town30 Minutes$25 + 75 Happy
Bag of Chocolate Truffles Hallow Town30 Minutes$75 + 100 Happy
Bag of Reindeer droppings Xmas Town30 Minutes$0 + 100 Happy
Bottle of Kandy KaneXmas Town60 Minutes$35 + 2 Nerve
Bottle of ChampagneBits 'n Bobs60 Minutes$3,100 + 1 Nerve
Bootle of BeerBits 'n Bobs60 Minutes$5 + 1 Nerve
Bottle of SakeJapan60 Minutes$? + 1 Nerve
Bottle of Minty MayhemXmas Town60 Minutes$35 + 3 Nerve
Bottle of Mistletoe MadnessXmas Town60 Minutes$0 + 4 Nerve
Bottle of Pumpkin BrewHallow Town60 Minutes$25 + 2 Nerve
Bottle of Wicked WitchHallow Town60 Minutes$45 + 3 Nerve
Bottle of Stinky Swamp PunchHallow Town60 Minutes$65 + 4 Nerve
Can of MunsterHallow Town2 Hours$35 + 20 Energy
Can of Red CowHallow Town2 Hours$0 + 25 Energy
Can of Tourine EliteHallow Town2 Hours$0 + 30 Energy
Can of Santa ShootersXmas Town2 Hours$0 + 20 Energy
Can of Rockstar RudolphXmas Town2 Hours$0 + 25 Energy
Can of X-MASSXmas Town2 Hours$0 + 30 Energy
Colored Easter EggsEaster Event30 Minutes$0 + 150 Happy
Gold Easter EggsEaster Event30 Minutes$0 + 250 Happy

Courtesy to PercyJackson [1621153] for his reserches: [1]

Historical note: Before 12.07.2012 update, every Booster have their own cooldown, similar to drugs cooldown