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||Jade Buddha||Special||$12,000||$10,000
||Jade Buddha||Special||$12,000||$10,000
||Panda Plushie||Special||$400||$300
||[[Panda Plushie]]||Special||$400||$300

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China, a country occupying a large area of East Asia, is currently the most populated country in the world, home to over 1.3 billion citizens. Beijing, China is a current availible travel location. It takes 4 hours each way and costs $35,000. Travel costs can be made free and travel times can be cut by 1/3 with the property upgrade, Airstrip.


Just outside of Beijing, hidden in a forest, you will find the fortune teller. This woman has the answer to the question many in Torn City are asking themselves every day: how much longer untill I can level up? Go visit her, and she may tell you the answer for the small fee of $75,000.

The fortune teller allows players with the ability to travel to check the percentage of thier current level for a price of $75,000.


Name Category Buying Price Selling Price
Jade BuddhaSpecial$12,000$10,000
Panda PlushieSpecial$400$300
Printing PaperSpecial$75,000N/A
Sks CarbinePrimary$6,500$5,000
Bo StaffMelee$500$300
Twin Tiger HooksMelee$50,000$40,000
Wushu Double AxesMelee$75,000$60,000
LSDDrugChanges DailyN/A
OpiumDrugChanges DailyN/A
PCPDrugChanges DailyN/A
SpeedDrugChanges DailyN/A

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