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Basics Introduction

  • Torn City is a game where you must train hard to defeat the others. You must use strategies and choose your friends wisely if you want to come out on top. Unlike most games, Torn offers both single player and team play. You can either spend all day in the gym training to beat your enemies, or join a faction and work as a team destroying others and doing joint crimes. eg. Robbing a bank. Have a read of this tutorial and you will have a much better understanding of the game... Good luck!


  • As you can see, the sidebar holds all of the most important links. All of these links will be talked about in detail later on in the tutorial. As well as this tutorial, there are also built in mini-tutorials throughout the game. These may prove to be very helpful!

Energy, Happiness and Nerve

  • At the top of the Sidebar you can also see some of your details, including your current Energy, Happiness and Nerve. You can use your energy in many places including the gym. You get 5 energy every 15 minutes unless you are a donator, then you will receive 5 energy every 10 minutes. Happiness goes down when you are doing something boring, for example, training in the gym, having a job or education, being in jail or hospital etc. The higher your happiness is, the better you will be able to do things, for instance, you will receive more stat points when in the gym if you have high happiness. The house you own will also affect your happiness bar, instead of making the happiness go up quicker, you will have a larger happiness bar. eg. You have a 100 happiness bar, then you buy a better house and you will have a 250 happiness bar so the max happiness you can hold would then be 250. You gain 5 happiness every 15 minutes. Nerve in your Nerve bar is used to do crimes. Harder crimes will use up more of your bar. You gain 1 Nerve point every 5 minutes. Your nerve bar will also gradually increase in size as you complete crimes.


  • There are two types of stats in Torn, Fighting stats and Working stats.
  • Fighting stats consists of...

Speed: Makes you hit them more often, higher chance of running away from an opponent, less chance of being caught by police and going to jail.

Strength: Makes you hit your opponents for more damage.

Defense: Makes your opponent hit you for less damage, decreases the amount of time you go to hospital for very slightly.

Dexterity: The more dexterity, the more likely your opponent is going to miss. Dexterity also helps you avoid being seen when you attack someone. This also works the other way around, you will be more likely to see who attacks you.

  • Working stats consists of...

Manual labour: Needed for jobs such as the army

Intelligence: Needed for jobs like, programming. Intelligence also helps crimes.

Endurance: Needed for tough, long-lasting jobs, it also helps you gain more stats in the gym too!

  • All of the stats are important in their own ways, feel free to enhance one stat more than the others or keep all of them around the same. You will need to train hard in the gym if you want to win any battles.


  • By clicking on the Home link, you can see nearly all of your stats. Most of them apart from EXP and Crime experience which are hidden. The 'Home' page shows basically everything about your account.


  • If anything happens to your account, for instance... If someone tries to attack you or if someone busts you out of jail, you will receive an event. You will know when you have an event as the link on the sidebar will go bold and show you how many new events you have.
  • You have several options with your events, you can save them which means you can always view them on your account until you delete them, you can delete them as they come in, or you can choose the delete all option at the bottom of the page, which will delete everything in your events except those you have saved. Please remember to click save on anything you wish to keep, events will delete periodically from our server meaning you will lose older events unless they are saved.


  • Your Torn City mailbox is like an email account, players can send you messages and you can send them messages. Like events, when you receive a new mail, the link on the sidebar will go bold.
  • Your mailbox offers you several features to enhance your socializing on Torn City. You have a save option which will allow you to save a message indefinitely, you can locate this by clicking on the icon in your mailbox that looks like a disc.
  • You also have an ignore feature which will prevent other players from mailing you or being able to send you events. So if someone is constantly mailing and you do not wish to speak to them, you can click the ignore link at the top of your mailbox.
  • You can delete your mails by simply clicking the trash can icon located next to each mail you receive, at the bottom of the page you can delete them all at once.
  • Please note mails do delete off of our server. After you have 250 mails in your inbox the older mails will begin to delete periodically. So if there is something you wish to keep please use the save mail option in your mailbox to prevent losing anything you might need.
  • Once you have opened a mail and read it you will notice right above it there are several options. Most of them are located on the main mailbox page, however once reading a mail you will have the option to report a mail. This is what you would use to report a mail to staff members.



  • There are many ways to make a profit, a long term way of getting cash would be to sign up for a job. Different jobs give different incomes, but you may need certain stats to sign up to them. You can gain stats by actually doing the job and taking education courses, we talk about education in more detail later. Within each job there are different ranks. When you have enough stats you can click 'Get promoted' and you will go up to the next rank in that job which will give you more stats and income per day.

Finding a Job

  • To get a job, simply click on 'Newspaper' on the sidebar, then go to 'Jobs'. This will bring up the jobs page where you can browse through the different Jobs. Different jobs will give you different amounts of stats per day. You can always change to a better job when you have enough stats to move up to it.

Job specials

  • You get job specials by going up ranks. When you reach a certain rank, you will receive a job special. Specials may unlock places in the game, help out your stats and even find private information about other players, e.g. stats. They cost job points and sometimes cash too.


  • You can purchase and become the director of a company at level 10, you can work for a company at level 3. Before purchasing a company be aware that a company takes time, effort, and money to become successful.
  • You can find company listings in the newspaper under Job Listings. Here you can find a company you would like to work for, or you have the option to create a new one.
  • It is important to do some research on the companies before purchasing a new one, be sure to view how many companies there already are of the type you want to run, the more companies in the same industry- the more competition you will have. Each company offers different specials and different ways to earn job stats, so again it's important to know what you want when opening a company or joining one as an employee.
  • Please be aware each company has working stat levels that benefit it more than others. There is a brief description of this at the top of each company page under the job listings. It would be to your benefit to try to find employees whom fit these working stats when hiring employees, or if you are wanting to work for a company, see where your working stats fit most appropriately before applying to one.


  • Before you can begin training your fighting stats in the gym, you must buy a gym membership. You can buy one by looking in the newspaper and clicking 'Local Gyms'. Once you have purchased a membership to the Gym, click on 'Gym' on the sidebar. This will take you to the training page. From there you can begin training either Speed, Strength, Defence or Dexterity.
  • There are 2 gyms in Torn one for levels 1-9 "Woody's Workout Gym" and one for levels 10 and above "Average Joe's". It will cost you $100 dollars to purchase a pass to Woody's Workout Gym and $25,000 to purchase a pass for Average Joe's once you have reached level 10. You automatically receive the Woody's Workout Gym when you begin playing the game.


  • Education will help you gain working stats, plus each tier of courses offers bonuses as you complete more classes. You will need to start at the bottom and work your way up through each tier. Each course requires you to pay some cash and energy to start. Each course will take a certain amount of days to complete; some as few as 7, some require up to 60 days to complete. The times vary for each course and once you have started the course there is nothing further you have to do besides wait for it to finish. You may be kicked from your education if you have a drug addiction. If this happens you must restart the course from the beginning. There is no set amount of drugs you can take before you get kicked, so be careful!



  • As well as getting cash for doing Crimes, you also get crime experience allowing you to do better at the other crimes. Once you have done a crime, you must wait a while for your Nerve bar to fill up again. You get 1 Nerve point for your Nerve bar every five minutes. Once you reach a certain amount of crime EXP, your Nerve bar will grow in size, enabling you to store more Nerve in your Nerve bar.


  • Each crime has many outcomes, you could go to jail, go to hospital, be fined, get money, escape from the cops, the list is endless. Your crime experience will not be affected by failing or escaping. But if you go to jail, it is a completely different matter.


  • By going to jail you lose a large amount of crime experience. It is very important that you avoid jail at all costs, not only are you stuck in there for a long time, but it can leave a big dent in your crime experience. It may take a long time to regain it again.

Newspaper - Here you can find the latest news as well as other news ie. who won the lottery last week. The newspaper also has links to the hall of fame, estate agents and job list. The hall of fame shows the best players in the game, estate agents allows you to buy different houses, and job list shows all the jobs possible for you to join.

Userlist - On this page you can view all the players signed up to the game. Mayors (admins) are red, Moderators are green, and donators are blue.

Jail - You go to the jail if you do a crime and get caught by the cops, you can also go in for failing a faction organised crime. When in there, you are restricted access to most of the pages in Torn. You can try to escape from jail while in there using a certain amount of nerve. If you are successful at escaping you will be rewarded with a gain to your dexterity. When not in jail, you can also bust or buy people out of jail. Busting will get them out of jail (if you have a lot of dexterity). If you bust them out, you will be rewarded with crime skill (to help you do more crimes and other crimes easier). If you take the risk of busting someone out and get caught, you will go to jail yourself. Buying them out will not do anything for your account, just cost you cash.

Hospital - You get sent to hospital if someone attacks you and wins, or if you attack someone and lose. You can also be put in the hospital by failing a crime or failing a faction organised crime. If people hospitalize you when they have finished the attack, you will be sent to hospital for a lot longer than usual. Hospitalizing does not benefit anyone, it just puts the target in hospital for longer. You can use morphine, small first aid kits and first aid kits to get yourself out of the hospital.

Casino - A place to chill out and maybe win yourself a little cash! Details of how to play the games are in the casino. You will need to have casino tokens to play all the games currently listed in casino except Poker.

Preferences Name - To change your player name (you can't change your login name), go to Preferences. Any players with discriminating names will be deleted on sight. The cost to change your name is $10,000.

Password - To change your password you have to type in your current password and then the new password you want. You will then have to login again using your new password. It is important to remember no member of staff will ever ask you for your password and you should change your password periodically for your accounts protection. Any website asking you for your login details to Torn could result in your account being hijacked and loss of your items and money. It is very important to remember there are no cheats for this game and anyone offering them to you just wants to access your account for their gain and your loss. Don't become a victim to this.

Forum information - Here you can create a signature for the forums. BB Code is acceptable. Do not use any profanities as it will result in a forum ban and possibly a game sentence. Also remember there is no music or sound allowed in forum signatures at all. Forum picture sigs- we ask you to keep to an approximate size of 500width x 150 height or smaller (only 1 allowed unless very small). You can also add up to 4 extra lines of text or a small userbar to the equivalent in replacement of the text.

Personal information - Unless your profile is hidden, all information will be viewable by other users. If any field is left blank it will automatically be shown as N/A. If you do not know what something is, don't fill it in.

Your image - To upload your profile image, go to preferences. I'm sure you could pay a graphics artist somewhere in Torn City to make you a nice image. Make sure your image is either (75 x 100), (150 x 200) or (300 x 400). Otherwise it will look distorted.

Attacking About - Firstly, before you attack, you must have ammo loaded into your gun, you can do this by going to your items page and clicking on your ammo locker at the top. You must also have your target chosen. You are more likely to beat someone who has less stats than you and someone who does not have a good weapon, if you lose, you could find yourself in hospital for quite a long time. Attacking uses up 50 energy unless you are using the drug Vicodin, then it takes 25 energy.

Turns: - When you begin attacking someone, you must select which weapon you wish to use. It is probably a good idea if you are battling someone with a lot of dexterity to hit them with a melee weapon. Melee weapons are quite easy to hit your opponent with, they do not miss as much as secondary and primary weapons. Once you have clicked on the weapon you are using, it will bring you to another page showing you the results of that turn... eg. Using your Dual Axes you hit -Clansdancer in the throat for 1523 damage

You can view the images to either side of the text above and see how much 'life' you and your opponent have remaining. Then click on the weapon you want to use once again. You keep doing this until the battle is over. If you beat your target, you have three choices. a) Leave them, b) Search their wallet and c) Hospitalize them. Leaving them will do nothing extra to them- They will go to hospital for a short period, you will only gain exp. Searching their wallet will usually get you some of their cash, you will still get a little exp too, but you will probably also piss them off! Last you have hospitalize, this will put them in the hospital for a very long period but you will gain no exp. If they are in a faction, this could start a war. Remember that attacking is not a very good source of exp, you would most likely be better off using the energy for other things like training your stats to help your faction out when the time comes.

Weapons and Armour: - Better weapons will increase your damage, armour will decrease the enemy's damage to you. Pretty simple really. Weapons are very important as some can even triple your damage! Be sure you choose the right weapon for your stats though, check the details of each weapon before you buy them. Accuracy is a great asset to any set of stats.

Ammo: - In order to attack someone using one of your guns, which is any weapon other then the Melee types, you need to first buy some ammo for that specific weapon and then load one of the clips into that gun. During Attacking, you can reload ammo clips, but you cannot buy more clips, so if you run out you will have to switch to a different weapon.

Levelling - One of the most important things in the game is levelling. You get EXP (which, like crime experience, you cannot see) every time you use the gym, do crimes and attack people. Unlike most games, it is very hard to level. You need to do a lot of crimes to go up! When you are able to go up a level, you will be notified in your home. By levelling, as well as many other benefits, you also get access to special areas. For example, some of the areas are shown below. Please keep in mind there are pros and cons to everything and levelling is not an exception. If you level too quickly, your stats will not be equal to those who took their time, this leaves you wide open to being what is known as a 'levelling target'. Basically you become the high level with low stats everyone uses for experience. Level 4 - Play Blackjack in the casino! Level 5 - Investment bank, allowing you to invest your money for a period of time! Level 5 - Auction house, sell your items to the highest bidder! Level 5 - Missions, (some easy, some hard) to earn some cash! Level 7 - Russian roulette, challenge people and win big money! Level 10 - Take out loan, if you need extra cash! Level 15 - Travel agency, travel to other countries around the world!

Items About items - All items you own are in your Items page. You can view them by clicking 'Items' on your sidebar. With some items you can perform certain tasks... You can send any item you want to someone if you need to, you can equip items which are weapons or armour so you can use them when battling, you can click 'info' which will give you information on that item, you can also use some items. When 'use' is clicked, you will carry out the specific task which the item does.

Types of Items - I suppose items can be split up into different types. Some of these types include Weapons, armour, rings, viruses, medical, collectables and crime items. A description of these types is shown below... Weapons & armour - These items can be equipped and used in battle.

Rings - These items can be used to propose/marry someone. Viruses - You can use the Personal Computer item to program viruses (depending on how good your education is). Viruses can then be used in the virus crimes, or you can sell them in the item market. Medical - You can take time off of your hospital time when in hospital. (only for use when in the hospital). Collectables - You may be given or find items in the city that are very rare in the game. They could be sold for huge amounts of money later on in the future. Crime items - These items are more or less useless. You will get them when doing certain crimes. You can sell these items in the local Torn City shops (in the city).

Special Items - There are items in each one of our travel destinations as well. Each country holds something different and is the only place you can purchase the items listed there. - There are many types of special items that can be found/stolen during the game. Eg. Personal computer, this can be used to program viruses.

Factions About factions - Factions are one of the main parts of Torn. By joining one, you agree to work with the other members to make your faction the best. While in a faction you will need to participate with the other members in organized crimes (crimes which you work together with your team to complete) and attack enemy factions when at war with them. The next few paragraphs will explain factions in more detail. There are two types of factions you can choose from in Torn, Aggressive or Peaceful. How you choose will depend on how you want to play the game. Peaceful factions are never at war and Aggressive factions have the choice to declare on other factions, and be declared on themselves.

Joining a Faction - Before joining a faction be sure you choose wisely. If you choose to be in an Aggressive faction, check their war base and speak to their leader. Some factions require daily chaining, minimum stat requirements, or that you have a Donator Pack. It's wise to speak to the leader and find out just what they expect from you before you apply. If you are looking for a Peaceful faction you will still want to speak with the leader and see if they have certain requirements as well. Most peaceful factions do not have a stat requirement as they do not war, however they may have a nerve bar requirement. Again these are examples and what each faction may require of you is up to each individual leader. You can apply to a faction by clicking the apply link located on the faction's profile.

Faction Respect - Respect is a major importance when in a faction. When a factions respect hits 0, it is dead. The faction will either have to start again from scratch or the members will have to move in to other factions. A faction can only lose respect during faction wars or from certain job specials. When at war the members can attack the enemy faction's members causing them to lose respect, and the other faction to gain some. The amount of respect lost to a faction due to a war depends on several things such as: your faction rank compared to your opponents rank, the level of players you are fighting against and how big the chain against your faction has become. The bigger the chain (hits against other faction members) the bigger the respect. Hospitalizing opponents in your war base is the only way to gain respect from that faction, mugging or leaving your target will gain your faction nothing. Organized crimes are good ways of gaining respect. All factions are given the option to purchase upgrades for their faction using the respect you have earned, however you must be in an Aggressive faction to utilize these upgrades. Though Peaceful factions can purchase them they are not effective until the faction has gone Aggressive. Please note once a faction has been put into Aggressive mode there is no going back, it will remain Aggressive always.

Organised Crimes - Organised crimes also are good ways for your faction to earn respect. The leader or co leader may set up the organised crimes meaning they will choose which faction member is placed in which crime. Only the leader or co may initiate the crime. Keeping all your members in organised crimes at all times is best if you wish to earn respect and money from them. Remember that placing your members in crimes they are not ready for can cause them to spend some time in jail or the hospital. Every crime you succeed awards the faction with cash and respect. If you wish to quit the faction you are currently in, and receive the message that you are part of an organised crime and cannot leave until the crime is over, you can simply click on the organised crime link in your faction and cancel your crime. You can obviously only cancel the one you are in, not the others.

Faction Wars - Faction wars can be very deadly things in Torn City, it can leave factions dead and hundreds of people lying in hospital constantly. Before factions start a war, they must think about the outcomes, only start a war if you think its worth it. You will need to make strong alliances to help you when in war. To declare a war on another faction you can click the 'declare' link from that faction's profile. To surrender, a faction can go to 'Surrender' and select the war they want to surrender from. In order to fully surrender, the opposing faction will need to accept the surrender by going to 'View surrenders' in the 'War functions' menu. You can set up NAPS (non aggression pacts) and Peace Treaty's through the trade system as leader of the faction. This ensures your faction and the opposing faction cannot attack each other for the set amount of days you have agreed on in the trade.

Faction Death - When a faction reaches 0 respect, the faction dies. The faction will be deleted from the game. This is not an immediate action, it only happens once per hour. Your faction can lose respect due to wars or certain job specials so don't ever feel too safe.

Respect Chaining - Respect chaining is a way for faction members to earn more respect through attacking. If an attack is made on factions they are at war with, by the same faction within 5 minutes of the last attack, a respect chain will begin and start at 1. If another attack is made after that within the last 5 minutes, the chain grows to 2. This can be continued until the chain breaks. A chain will break when a member of the faction doesn't attack the enemy faction within the 5 minutes, the chain will return back to 0 and will need to be started again. The higher the chain gets, the more respect the faction will gain each fight. To put it simply, if factions arrange large attacks on another faction at a certain time with two or more members attacking the faction at once (within 5 minutes of each other, depending on your factions upgrades it may be more) the faction will receive a respect boost each fight until the chain is lost. So if 10 members attacked a faction at the same time, they would receive a huge respect boost, and the enemy faction would lose that.

Ranks - Each faction is given a ranking by number, these numbers will fluctuate as members join and leave your faction. Rank is based on a wide range of areas and no one certain thing determines what rank your faction will end up at. Once you have a war on your war base, your rank can no longer go up (for example if you are Rank 5 with a war on your war base you cannot move up to 6 or above) you must first clear your entire war base and wait for the next re ranking to take place. However your rank can always go down (for example if you are Rank 5 you can move to 4 or below) with or without wars on your warbase. Ranks determine how much respect you will lose / gain during wars. If you attack factions outside of your rank, your respect will be hindered. It is recommended to attack factions the same rank as you for best gains. Rank 1 is the best, most skilled rank.

Creating a Faction - Creating a faction is simple and easy, it's the setting up of the faction which may be the hard part. The price of an armoury, a decent amount of user space is around $500,000. You will also need to do some planning before you create it, working out how it will work etc. You may wish to spend some time in a faction before creating your own. It definitely helps you get the feel of how much work a faction can be. It's always best to try being in a faction before owning one.

Moderating a Faction - The leader can create different ranks of which users can be assigned to. Each rank has its own amount of permissions. Make sure you only assign trustworthy people to your faction staff. All of the tools for moderating a faction can be found in the 'Staff' menu.

Faction specials -Vigor: Decreases hospital time. -Chaining: Boost chain intervals (time between hits). -Gallant: Increases nerve. -Enormity: Increases crime ability. -Steadfast: Increases gym gains.

-Each upgrade you do, you pay for with respect your faction has earnt. You can only purchase these upgrades once your faction has 1,000 respect. There are different levels to each special and the cost goes up in increments just as the upgraded special does. You can purchase these specials if you are in a peaceful faction however they do not become effective until your faction is aggressive. You must be in an aggressive faction to use the specials.

The travel agency - Once you reach level 15, you will gain the ability to travel to other cities around Torn City. In these cities, you will be able to buy items that are not available in Torn City, you can also do many other things that you cannot do in Torn. You can still be attacked and hospitalized while you are in another country, so be aware of this before leaving your account in another country far from Torn. You cannot use morphine in other countries so leaving your account there could cause you to be stuck in that country for a period of time.

Stock Market - In order to use the stock market you must first purchase a stock ticker. You can purchase this at the points building located in the city, it will cost you 20 points to purchase. Each stock listed offers a special bonus and requires you to invest a certain amount of money before you can receive that benefit, you can view what stock benefit each stock offers by clicking on each stock and reading the information on the page. It will give you the exact amount you must invest and what the benefit will offer you once it has unlocked. Keep in mind each stock has a different 'unlocking' time before you receive the benefit. Some take about 30 days, some can take over 60 to unlock. You receive a letter in your mailbox when the stock has unlocked and the special is activated, it also shows in your portfolio if the stock is unlocked and you are receiving the benefit. You can choose to do stocks this way, or play them by watching graphs and forecast, deciding which one looks like it might rise soon and investing to make profit. This may be a more risky way to invest, but potentially could make you a very decent profit.

Splitting and Stacking: - You are given the option in your portfolio to split and stack your stocks. Splitting means taking the larger block and making it into smaller ones. Stacking means to take as many small blocks of a certain stock you have and making it one large block. If you are holding stocks and earning benefits you may choose to split the profit from the larger block you need to earn benefits. You would simply add what's on top of the amount required for the benefit and divide it by the current price the stock is selling for and break that many shares off the large block. This giving you 1 block for the benefit and 1 block you can sell. If you are holding many small blocks of stocks and wish to combine them to sell or receive a benefit for, you can click stack and it will group all the stocks of the same kind together.

Stock Market FAQ Will I lose my benefit if I split my stock? -The answer to this can be yes and no. As long as you keep the required amount in one block, you will not lose your benefit, if you split wrong and take the big block below the required amount you will have to start all over again. Example: Grain requires a 100 million investment to receive the benefit. If your block is 125 million you can split this into two blocks of 100 and 25, allowing you to keep the benefit and sell the profit.

If I stack all my blocks, does it count for the benefit? -Yes once you have achieved enough of a certain stock to stack and meet the required investment amount you can stack them all and be eligible to start receiving the benefit.

If I stack stocks, does it affect my benefit? -This question can be both yes and no as well. If you have received the letter stating the benefit has unlocked you can stack your stocks without losing the benefit. You will notice the date on your stocks has reset to todays date but you have not lost your benefit. If you have not unlocked your stocks however, it will reset the date causing you to have to wait the full amount of time again for the benefit to unlock.

Drugs -Drugs are definitely a player choice in this game. There are both pros and cons to taking drugs in game so you will need to be sure to decide before you start- if the pros outweigh the cons. Some drugs give you an energy boost, allow you to hit for 25 energy instead of 50 or get you out of the hospital. However they all come with addiction levels that will require rehab to get rid of at some point. You can attempt to wait the drug addiction out, but this is a very long and slow process. Rehab is in Switzerland and costs 250k per time, it normally takes several times if you take drugs on a constant basis to lose your addiction.

-Xanax: Adds 250 energy and a small bit of happiness. -Ecstasy: Doubles your happy. -Ketamine: Raises your defence and lowers your speed and dexterity. -Cannabis: Increases your crime success. -Opium: Adds a small bit of happiness and gets you out of the hospital. -LSD: Adds 50 energy, 5 nerve and a small bit of happiness. -Speed: Increases your speed but lowers your dex. -PCP: Adds happy and increases your strength. -Vicodin: Adds a small bit of happy and allows you to attack for 25 energy instead of 50. -Shrooms: Takes 25 energy and adds 250 happy. -Neumune Tablet: Removes huge amounts of hospital time, the only pill that can help you when a Dirty Bomb is dropped.

-Each drug comes with addiction levels, and the possibility of an overdose. Every overdose is different and some can be harsh. You can spend a substantial amount of time in the hospital, lose your friends list, or lose 50 life permanently just to list a few of the side effects from an over dose. This is where you have to decide if the benefit from the drug is worth the chance of an overdose.