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I'm not sure, if a page with voting on uncomfirmed theories suits here ... since wiki should be source of proven informations, not collections of "It appears that ..." opinions. --696715 20:45, 11 November 2012 (UTC)

Hi there Melbux, introvert here, the original thread died a while back and someone brought it up to me a good while back that perhaps i should start it up on the wiki. i also wanted to use such as a project to work on the wiki editing.

polling popular opinion may be the wrong approach on a wiki sure, i thought such was useful in the original thread to gather a consensus, i don't mind editing out that format itself if you like?

the ultimate goal would be to take the ideas found and experiment and come up with guides and statistics, is that itself alright by you?

-introvert [133650] Mon Nov 12, 2012 (torn time)

Political Assassinations


   the first attempt with a team for pa is always a failure, unless it is simply one members changing out, don't mix other oc in. - Hotazhel [580563] 

This is completely untrue. Memento Mori faction has never failed a Political Assassination. I myself went to Memento Mori faction to test the team bust requirement theory (now confirmed) and I was there for 9 days total. 1st day I planned a Kidnapping OC with their #2 (crime exp rank) and I ranked above him (putting me in #2 place) so then after that, we put me and 3 others in a Political Assassination OC (never been in that faction or with those members before) and the PA which we initiated on my 9th day in the faction succeeded.

Hotazhel made a thread with some theories that were not based on actual evidence (or misinterpretation of results he seemed to get) and he has been refuted on everything he claimed. You do not need to fail a Political Assassination OC before succeeding. Link Talk! Torn Profile 14:29, 22 January 2013 (UTC)

Hi there Link! (introvert here) you offer a great counterpoint to that particular theory i am more then glad to paraphrase it and add such to the list i figure something like this would work:

"in relation to "12.6" many tests performed showed that you do not need to fail a Political Assassination OC before succeeding with a group. - Link [1413750]"

perhaps there may be certain situations were such may apply? so perhaps it may only be partly untrue? i am not entirely certain of their study, could easily just be a misinterpretation though like you point out. such is why the goal is to grow theories and leave them up.

in a slightly unrelated note, should add the individual number of each theory to the end of the theory too, maybe add more links to text. will set about such a step the next time i set about editing the page (hopefully soon). appreciate the information though Link.

-introvert [133650] Wed Jan 23, 2013 (torn time)