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I have removed much of what I deemed to be unnecessary information (such as listing every little box on the front page), and have given a fairly large overhaul to the page.

I've left open the chance to write more detailed articles on Comics, Bounties, the Hall of Fame; however there's the possibility of including them all in this one article, and simply linking to it.

As with all Wiki articles, there's the choice of whether to put a lot of detail into one article, including a lot of the sub-material, or to link out a lot. Because the newspaper is what it is, it can definitely be considered an 'umbrella' of all the smaller topics.

If anyone decides to make the sub-pages, please create link them all under newspaper (sort of like how City is, though I have no idea how that's been done.

~ Atr 18:38, 19 August 2010 (BST)