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* This is currently unavailable in game. (Awaiting an update as to when it will be re-released.)

  • You can treat t he information in this article accurate up until the time of re-release, at which, some information may need to be updated.

--Cartman[1621675] 22:34, 3 July 2014 (UTC)


Detailed Information

In torn players may play a game of Foot Russian Roulette, not to be confused with real Russian roulette. Instead the players in Torn use a S&W revolver which can be obtained through the mission Operation Prospect at level 7 and point it at their foot with 1 bullet, they take turns firing the 6 shooter at their own foot until 1 bullet goes off. The first person to shoot themselves in the foot loses and suffers small hospital time. The winner goes home with all the money!


1) To initiate a game of RR you must own the S&W Revolver
2) To initiate a game you must have finished Operation Prospect (lvl 7+)

You can not initiate a game if your S&W Revolver is lent from the faction

If you do not meet these prerequisites you can still accept a game of RR from older players.

How to play

  • Go to your items page and find your S&W Revolver and then click the [Use] link as shown below:

  • S&W Revolver [Equip][Send][Sell][Use][Trash]

You are then asked to enter in the following details:

  • User ID: - Enter the user ID of the person you want to play Russian Roulette.
  • Bet: - Enter the total amount you want to bet.

-Important notice: You cannot cancel RR currently. If your opponent does not take his shot there will be a timeout period as long as 6 hours in cases before you will have the option to just shoot your opponent.

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