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You start out with 500 life, for each level you upgrade you gain life equal to 50 x your new level. Example: + 500 life for level 10, +750 level 15, + 1000 for level 20.


Losing life points

There are currently many ways to lose life (not to be confused with being hospitalised by stuff like Russian Roulette). This includes:

  • Losing life during a battle by being hit by an opponent.
  • Losing a fight when attacking an opponent.
  • Losing a fight defending against an opponent.

Life Regeneration

  • Life currently regenerates at a rate of 20% every 15 minutes.
  • You can increase this rate to 30% every 15 minutes by building a medical facility with a doctor as staff in a Private Island.
  • Life regenerates at every 15 minute mark, not starting 15 minutes after you lose it Example: 1:00, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45, 2:00 etc. TC time.

Increasing Maximum Life

  • Currently the only way to increase your maximum life is by spending Merits on Life Points which increases your maximum life by 5% every level.

Decreasing Maximum Life

  • Currently the only way to decrease your maximum life is by Overdosing on the drug Xanax which lowers your life points by 50 per overdose bringing you to a minimum of 5 life.


Previously one would be able to spend Job Points from the medical profession to receive extra life. This ability was removed during an update designed to re-balance health, there is currently no way to increase life other than Merits.