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Torn hosts its own IRC Server and features an embedded flash IRC applet which can be accessed by clicking here. It can also be accessed from any IRC client (Click here for a list of clients). Be aware that your actions on IRC are still subject to the Game Rules. The player specially responsible for managing IRC is Karty (285221).

Official Rooms

Official Rooms are staff ran channels, and are bound by the IRC Rules Mirc. You should join these channels for help!

  • #lobby For general chat about Torn.
  • #help For in-game help and questions about Torn.
  • #irchelp For IRC help

For more details on the channels go here : Torn IRC Channels

Simple Commands

Command Result
/nick newname Changes your nickname in IRC
/join #newroom Joins you to a channel or allows you to create a new channel
/me message Sends an action like * Jane jumps high!
/whois nick Shows you information about a desired nick
/list Displays all channels
/quit Disconnects you from the server

Follow this link for more information on IRC Commands

IRC Staff

These staff responsible for the day-to-day running of IRC and can be found in #irchelp

Name (ID) IRC Staff Type Mail
Karty (285221) Server Root Admin Mail
Clansdancer (65306) Net Admin Mail
Hydr0 (304168) Net Admin Mail
bl0ndie (179706) Services Admin Mail
Prodi (154042) Services Admin Mail
Conor (460757) Services Admin Mail
IceBluefire (776) Services Admin Mail


Changed on 12th August 2010 the old Java applet was replaced with LightIRC.

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