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Battle Stats are a very important part of Torn City. They are earned in the Gym, Job specials, and rare Items(below). They increase exponentially, so the more you have, the more you gain per train. This exponential growth is independent for each stat, so many players choose to focus on a couple of stats for faster growth. There are four stats Speed, Defence, Strength and Dexterity.


Stat Effects


  • Increases chance of your attacks hitting.
  • Increases chance of successfully running away from your opponent.
  • Reduces chance of going to Jail after failing a crime.


  • Reduces damage taken per attack.
  • Reduces Hospital time.


  • Increases damage dealt per attack.


  • Reduces chance of your opponent's attacks hitting.
  • Increases chance of detecting stealth attacks.
  • Increases chance of performing stealth attacks.

Training Formulas

The most accurate formule at the moment, according to Darkkk's Guide is:

((Gym Dots * 4) * ((0.00019106 * Stat) + (0.00226263 * Happy) + 0.55)) * (1 + Steadfast + Education Bonus) / 150 * Energy Used

with the 0.006% - 0.169% margin of error.

Increasing stats gains

There are four one-use Items called Stat Enhancers which can give you a permanent stat increase. There is one for each of the stats:

  • Skateboard: +1% Speed
  • Parachute: +1% Dexterity
  • Boxing Gloves: +1% Defence
  • Dumbbells: +1% Strength

Additional items/ways:

  • Education: Completing certain courses in the Sports Science group will give you additional bonus percentages to stat gains in the Gym. Also, a large variety of courses will give you passive bonuses on your existing stats.
  • Sports Sneakers: Increase your speed gains by 5%, if you have this item in your inventory. Available in Dubai for $14,000,000,000.
  • Faction special - Steadfast: Each grade of that special increase stats gain by 1% to all members, being at least 3 days in faction.


In the past fighting stats could also be increased through Merits(100 x current level per merit spent). You can now only increase them passively - see below.

Passive Stats

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