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Monday, Mar 27, 2017
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The Tragedy of Torn Marriage

Report by sugarvalves on 27/03/17 (1 hour ago)

Since its introduction for financial reasons back in 2005, marriage in Torn has served many purposes aside from the obvious curtailment of sexual relations between two people. Having started as a means of acquiring benefits and enabling the sharing of resources,  marriage also gives couples the chance to form or declare a real-life friendship, as well as offering protection to each other in times of need.

As such, many of these unions have endured to the present ...

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Rank Triggers, a mystery unravelled

Report by Harley on 23/03/17 (4 days ago)

Rank triggers; a mystery unravelled. Why this title you may wonder? What purpose does this sudden article serve when it covers an element of the game that has not been changed in over a year?

Well, the dreaded day rank triggers were updated was a day the likes of which had not been seen in a long time. A day where players were left completely in the dark regarding details of an update. Sure, we knew a new set had replaced the old networth triggers, but what these...

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Torn Welcomes 50th Level 100

Report by sugarvalves on 20/03/17 (7 days ago)

To reach Level 100 in Torn City, a person must become several things; extremely strong, offensively rich and outrageously felonious. Each one of these is difficult to achieve on its own, with many going years if not a decade without ever coming close. But to attain all of the qualifications required for Level 100 status takes a certain measure of dedication, willpower, stamina and smarts. And to be perfectly blunt, not everyone in Torn is up to that task.

Those who ha...

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Torn Territories Remain Unclaimed

Report by sugarvalves on 13/03/17 (14 days ago)

A survey conducted by the Torn City Times has discovered that only 57.3% of the city has been claimed as Faction territory since it was made possible on the 14th of February, with vast swathes of Torn's three available sectors still up for grabs at the time of going to print.

Sector 6 is the most virginal region of Torn right now, with 49.3% of its 756 territories remaining untouched, unspoilt and as pure as the driven snow. Sector 7's...

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Tornography: Midknight

Report by sugarvalves on 06/03/17 (21 days ago)

It's been a quiet few months for Midknight, and with nothing much going on in his life of late I was in two minds about whether to write this Tornography at all.

I mean, sure, the leader of Torn's most controversial and arguably most powerful faction has been involved in one of the biggest scandals in Torn City history, a scandal that divided players, tore the staffing system apart and basically helped to rewrite the code of law that underpins the very fabri...

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