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Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014
  • in Torn City
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Faction Bio - HT

Report by IIIlusionist on 2014/08/25

Most of Torn are either in a faction or have been in one before, and factions add a huge amount to Torn life. It is in factions where members work together, fight together and grow together. Over the coming months, I will be trying to piece together the history of some of the great and upcoming factions in Torn today, starting with HT.

Hattrick, more commonly known as HT, is a long standing faction and its current leader, HT-Supermikk [108922], has shed light on some of the key goings on at HT over the years.

The name Hattrick originates from a soccer manager game that a lot of the HT members played before coming to Torn. It was from this game that around 200 guys, and maybe one girl, came and started playing Torn City. 201 people joining a game together as companions is quite impressive on its own, and must have had Chedburn [1] ecstatic at the sight of 201 people joining his new game. However, the 201 isn’t what I find most interesting, it is the fact that the 200 guys and 1 girl were all Norwegian. To begin with the 201 members created factions, around 10, a...

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The Wealth Divide

Report by IIIlusionist on 2014/08/19

Wealth disparity is a global topic. The rich will see it as a matter of little concern, whilst this very divide is what the less fortunate will battle against. While having a little inequality can promote investments at a national level, too big a rift is certain to be destructive.

The divide between rich and poor in Torn is plain to see. The poor in society have become disenchanted because they are caught in what seems like an inescapable bubble of poverty. Hyperinflation is a worry with even a measly brick costing upwards of $1000 in many shops. Everyone starts with very little, and by noting that the average player holds only $7,731,192, we can see making money in this city is not easy. As your time spent in the city increases, so does the amount of funds at your disposal, generally.

Although not an impossible task, to those living in shacks, gathering enough money to own a private island is a daunting prospect. But is that enough? The divide between those living comfortably and rich folk is just as stark as that between beginners and the middl...

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My Journey

Report by IIIlusionist on 2014/08/17

One of the great things about games, like Torn, is that there are many different playing styles. A previous article has touched on just a few of these. Within this article I will reveal my journey, from joining Torn 3087 days ago, to the present day.

People started the game in many different ways. Some introduced by friends and some stumbled into the city by accident.  I started playing when two of my cousins introduced me to the game. Torn wasn't the first crime game I took an interest in, but it was the only one that kept it for more than a week. So what captured my gamer side? Well it is hard to recall, as Torn was very different back then, but it was still, in my opinion, a well worked game that had a whole host of different features. Above all else I liked how you could buy a donator pack with in game money, meaning that players who didn't/couldn't spend real money still had the chance to enjoy the perks of being a donator.

I started competing with my cousins to see who could get the best gun and do the highest damage. Visits t...

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