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Friday, Mar 6, 2015
  • in Torn City
  • An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper
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Factions Of Old - InQuest

Report by IIIlusionist on 01/03/15 (4 days ago)

For every top spot there is a number 2 waiting patiently to have their shot at over throwing the top dogs. During HTs very, very, long stay at the top of the mountain the faction InQuest set up camp not too far down the road.

Before InQuest was formed, BodyBagger [99177] led a family of 7 factions known as the Zen Family. Another player, CHunger [78403], led a faction called The Brotherhood of NOD, which BodyBagger was later asked to take over and lead under the Zen banner, and the name InQuest was chosen for their newly joined faction. The name InQuest was chosen to signify the unifying of the two families and their motto was - "The verdict is always the same: wilful murder".

Much like we saw with the Plague Family, InQuest/Zen had a number of factions that would separate members out depending on their experience, activity and battle stats. Beginners would work on their stats in Zen, intermediate would learn how to chain in Zen, and the polished final products in the faction InQuest.

InQuest was headed ...

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Know Your City - Forums

Report by IIIlusionist on 22/02/15 (11 days ago)

The forums are a great place to engage in discussion and get annoyed, meet new people and create new enemies, voice your opinion and be ignored. I take on a backseat approach to the forums, looking at what goes on from afar rather than posting. There are, in my opinion, a few types of people that roam the forums.

Lets start with my personal favourites, "Trolls". Trolls, for those of you that dont know, are people who prowl the forums looking for any chance to derail a thread and inspire chaos. Some find them annoying, while others enjoy the read; I myself am quite amused by their comments. One of the most famous trolls is Evil-Duck [1182047]. Even the name is enough to send shivers down your spine and move your cursor to the x button. However, the name is also enough to draw your eyes for a cheeky glance at his latest antics. Maybe his most famous troll was when he announced he would be planting a dirty bomb on a faction of his choosing. He had everyone at the edge of their seats, and we are still twiddling our thumbs, or, more likely, most came to the rea...

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Faction Bio - MnC

Report by IIIlusionist on 16/02/15 (17 days ago)

The spotlight now turns to Milk and Cookies, MnC.

There have been a fair few mergers throughout the years, most of which go on without a hitch. MnC is one faction that has shown just how much two factions can benefit from a well organised merger. Milk and Cookies is the result of the joining of Rockers and Secret Service, and took around three weeks to complete. Rockers had been around for nearly eight years, and were led, at the time of the merger, by Blexi [1458703]. Secret Service was led by HippoHugger [140306]. They were both active factions, but were in no position to even consider competing with any of the HoF factions.

They all hopped over to Rockers, as it had better specials, and a vote was cast to choose a new name. The name was chosen because the new faction wanted to represent the two factions that merged. So the name Milk and Cookies was voted the best, and it is still undecided which of the factions is to be the milk, and which is to be the cookies. Personally, I would like to be a cookie. The name also reflected...

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