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Monday, Nov 24, 2014
  • in Torn City
  • An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper
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Eeeeekkk.....A Bug!

Report by IIIlusionist on 24/11/14 (3 hours ago)

If you check out the "Bugs & Issues" forum, you will see a whole host of bugs that the developers are working to resolve. However, there have been some pretty big loop holes in the game that, in hindsight, could be considered bugs. This article will take a look at some of these loop holes. Most of these are well known to a lot of people in Torn, but some may not have been aware of them. So this will be a nice history lesson on what these unfortunate souls missed out on.

Lets start with one of the older loop holes, the infamous old stock market. The stock market hasn't always been like it is today. Under the new market, people make their millions, under the old market, people made their billions. Of course, people can still make billions from today's market, but no where near as much as under the old one. To my understanding, people would buy a particular stock and drive the price up by buying more of the stock before the 15 minute update. In those days, stocks would sell instantly, which meant you could reinvest in another ...

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Factions Of Old - Secret Service

Report by IIIlusionist on 18/11/14 (5 days ago)

Since factions were introduced to the game in 2005, many factions have come and gone. In this series of articles we will try and unearth some of the history of the great factions of the past that are no longer around.

Secret Service (SS) was one of the factions that started before factions were officially introduced. Several friends got together and starting playing Torn City, as it was then called, in a school library. Secret Service was almost going to be called Zegaba, which was an inside joke in reference to their high school group. However, the founder and members liked the military ring of Secret Service, and so the faction was named. Funnily enough, the founder of Secret Service, dj_dan [947267], is now in the military himself, serving in the Canadian Forces. Some of the members that were part of SS where: dj_dan [947267], DarK_PheoniX [3403], Misseh [5518], L4suicide [15699], DarkGhost [7012], OutsiDer [52235] and many more that are no longer playing the game.

SS where one of the top factions when factions were  first i...

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Faction Bio - FTW

Report by IIIlusionist on 17/11/14 (6 days ago)

The next faction to come under my interrogation lamp is Forged Through War, aka FTW.

FTW was originally known as GraveDiggas, before merging with Seven Nations Army and The Old Droogs. Many of the players joined together from another game, much like we saw with HT. Seven Nations Army, initially, had seven members and the merge happened before the merging with The Old Droogs. The merger with The Old Droogs went well, but it is the manner in which the merger came about that is most interesting. In 2012 FTW and The Old Droogs went to war, and the spoils of war were quite unexpected.

"It was such a hateful war, that we ended up good friends."

Para [1455847], leader of FTW.

Obviously, after beating each other to a pulp, they realised that they could make more pulp out of other factions if they were to combine their strength. They all hopped over to GraveDiggas, with Gun_Ru [1075643] as their leader, and a vote was cast to decide the new name of the faction, and so Forge...

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