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Friday, Jul 31, 2015
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Obsessive Compulsive Torn

Report by IIIlusionist on 13/07/15 (17 days ago)

Obsession: the domination of ones' thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire etc.

Everyone suffers from it at some point in their lives. It can be over women, men, food, work, education, thrills or games. It can be a dangerous thing, often hard to notice before you have been sucked in too far, with the claws of obsession clasped tightly around your mind. They can persist for years or vanish in an instant.

Gaming is an addictive endeavour which can often turn into somewhat of an obsession - Torn is no exception. But the question is where is the line between playing a game with a passion, and becoming obsessed with a game? This is a tough question to answer, and views will differ greatly among players.

Looking at Torn; there are some players that begin to twitch when they know they are on full energy and who set alarms to train. Is this obsession? Or is it just trying to progress in the game quicker - after all, training takes just ten seconds. Other players laugh at those who set alarms, but at the same t...

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Faction Bio - PT-Family

Report by IIIlusionist on 17/06/15 (1 month ago)

PT has been one of the strongest factions around since the very start of factions, and this has not changed much to this day.

We will start with how PT gained independence. PT is short for Portugal and was created in 2005 by Badwolf [5736]. At the beginning of the year 2005, Badwolf joined a faction called The Family which was headed by Duke and Therah. By the time he was level 8 he co-led The Family 2, a sub faction of The Family. PT started as a Portuguese only faction, and Badwolf started recruiting whilst at The Family 2. He recruited Portuguese players from another game; the same one 201 members of HT came from (see HT article). Due to the amount of players he was able to recruit, he decided to create his own faction. Borrowing $700,000 from Duke, a hell of a lot of money in those days, he created the PT-Family which had the fifteen strongest Portuguese players. The loan to Duke was repaid and PT-Family gained Independence.

So upon gaining independence, it was time for PT-Family to recruit and grow. Being, at the time, a Portuguese ...

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Faction Bio - Itsi Bitsi Bikini

Report by IIIlusionist on 30/05/15 (2 months ago)

For the next article we are going to be heading to the beach, so put on your speedos and bikinis.  Long have players sat watching Itsi Bitsi Bikini members running around in their skimpy beach ware, and wondered what they do in their exclusive beach club, and now we shall find out.

Itsi Bitsi Bikini was started by Pinky_Bikini [343323], and the number of days she has spent in the faction represents how long Itsi Bitsi Bikini has been around. The name was chosen as a bit of fun:

"Imagine a faction gang wearing bikini and speedo chasing you down the street."

Leaf_Bikini [351290]

Itsi Bitsi Bikini were ranked around the 2000 mark when the ranking system came in to place. The faction was built on the idea that weak members could stick together and ward off stronger factions. They didn't start climbing the ranks straight away, instead practised chaining and working together to get stronger. Whilst honing their skills, they found that other stronger factions declared on them, and to their surprise the...

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