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Sunday, Apr 19, 2015
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Report by IIIlusionist on 30/03/15 (19 days ago)
RESPO updates have been rolling out for the past couple of months, from the new interactive city map to the more recent Medical 2.0 update. Company 2.0 is now rolling out and seems to be going smoothly so far, with developers aiming to update 5 new companies a week. However, with more than 15,926 players (approximately 94% of players) in factions, perhaps one of the more anticipated updates is Faction/Warring 2.0.

At the moment, players feelings about factions and warring are rather mixed. Some are excited for the upcoming changes to the war system and can't wait until it is implemented. On the other hand, other players hover over the "logout" button contemplating whether it will be for the last time. The current faction system seems to have been exhausted by many factions; the ranking system largely thought of as redundant or antiquated. In the current system, wars can last a mere few hours, and faction's respect keeps building up. However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel - Warring 2.0 IS under way. Although the finer details have not yet b...

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Faction Bio - Merc Inc

Report by IIIlusionist on 29/03/15 (20 days ago)

Back to HOF, and we will be looking at what used to be Merc Inc, before the merger with Subversive Alliance.

Merc Inc was one of those factions that caught the attentions of many as they were climbing up the ranks. Think it was safe to say, with the members they had, they were going places. Coffindancer [253934] started the faction around 2 years ago. Some of the older players might remember a faction called Goodfellas, and it was from this faction that Coffindancer and a few others that ex-Goodfellas started Merc Inc -the name chosen to represent Goodfellas.

Merc started off with only a few members, but the more they fought, the more attention they attracted, and it wasn't long before they attracted some more members. After they built up a strong member base, they started their journey to the Hall of Fame. In the early days, Merc Inc provided a lot for its members including drugs, points and even rehab fees. They wanted their members to grow and build their strength. They had a strong philosophy of the strong he...

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7-way War

Report by IIIlusionist on 24/03/15 (26 days ago)

Today let's talk about faction wars. The most common mode of warring in Torn today is a one on one battle between two factions. A faction might fight multiple wars at once, but each against a single opposing force. On a rare occasion, however, multiple factions agree to all fight each other at the same time in one big fat war. The most grand and glorious war occurs when seven factions meet at once - the 7-way war.

A 7-way war is no small feat to organize.  Under the current warring system, each war base has a 500 member cap. Typically, this limits the larger factions (averaging 75 members) from warring with each other at the same time.

Besides the most recent one, the last 7-way war took place in December 2013 and was between 39th Street Killers, Evolution, JFK, HT, Mercs Inc, PT-Family and Subversive Alliance. The terms were kept simple:

- All wars should be ranked wars
- Members over 3bil total will use Desert Eagle only.
- Rosters locked after the war begins.
- Everythi...

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