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Friday, May 29, 2015
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Easter Egg Hunt

Report by IIIlusionist on 03/05/15 (26 days ago)

The Torn Easter Egg hunt marked the start of the new competition system, and was the first official competition since the RESPO update (excluding Christmas/community events). Competitions will now start on the 5th of the month and continue for 21 days.  

The "Scavenger Hunt", as it was first introduced, started way back in 2010, 1st April to be exact (13:15:08 to be even more exact). In 2010 you only needed to collect 6 eggs! This number was increased to 9 the following year, and some players continue to circulate rumors about an increase to 11 eggs - including a rainbow egg that will provide a special boost - yet to be officially announced.

The new competition system introduces a new rewards system, building on the original idea of receiving exclusive rewards. Previously, the 9 different colored eggs were exchangeable for one golden egg collectible, points, and an honor bar. Under the new improvements, in addition to these rewards, players now gain tokens based ...

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Faction Bio - SA

Report by IIIlusionist on 19/04/15 (1 month ago)

Subversive Alliance, commonly referred to as SA, are next on my hit list.

Subversive Alliance is another faction that formed from a merger between two factions, Viking Legacy and CBB. Viking Legacy was a Scandinavian only faction, and sister faction to HT. In 2008, Viking Legacy and CBB merged and voted for a new name. "Subversive" to represent their new found strength, "Alliance" to represent the joining of the two factions. Daffy_D [110530] led SA and Htr [89581], SA's current leader, pays tribute to her:

"SA would not be where it is today without the effort she put in to the faction."

However, current leaders are just as important as old ones, and Htr [89581], 007 [370359] and Midknight [332505] have also done a great deal for the faction. The faction was built from 30 or so members to what it is today.

Interestingly and unlike most factions, who opt to make use of committees and IRC to discuss faction business, SA uses the skype to communicate. &...

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Report by IIIlusionist on 30/03/15 (1 month ago)
RESPO updates have been rolling out for the past couple of months, from the new interactive city map to the more recent Medical 2.0 update. Company 2.0 is now rolling out and seems to be going smoothly so far, with developers aiming to update 5 new companies a week. However, with more than 15,926 players (approximately 94% of players) in factions, perhaps one of the more anticipated updates is Faction/Warring 2.0.

At the moment, players feelings about factions and warring are rather mixed. Some are excited for the upcoming changes to the war system and can't wait until it is implemented. On the other hand, other players hover over the "logout" button contemplating whether it will be for the last time. The current faction system seems to have been exhausted by many factions; the ranking system largely thought of as redundant or antiquated. In the current system, wars can last a mere few hours, and faction's respect keeps building up. However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel - Warring 2.0 IS under way. Although the finer details have not yet b...

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