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Sunday, Jun 26, 2016
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Scripts: Friend or Foe?

Report by IIIlusionist on 23/06/16 (3 days ago)

In our ever-changing Torn City keeping up with the various new game mechanics and player inputs can be difficult. And by player inputs, I am referring to the phenomenon known as scripting.

Below is a very basic, non-extensive, and not-so-accurate description for us mere humans of what scripting actually is:

Using incohesive (but grammatically correct) content to carry out one or more functions to help make routine tasks easier by automat...

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Casino Worker On Final Warning

Report by sugarvalves on 20/06/16 (6 days ago)

An employee of Torn's Casino whose rant against a customer went viral online last week has been told he may have to seek alternate employment should he engage in any further outbursts.

Leslie Chanthavong, 38 and originally from Laos, has been a popular figure in Torn of late thanks to his vicious barbs dispensed towards customers of the Casino's Spin The Wheel game. But after his latest comments were uploaded online, Leslie faced a stern rebuke from the Casino's manag...

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Torn Looks To Boost Female Numbers

Report by sugarvalves on 13/06/16 (13 days ago)

With its ratio of four men for every one woman Torn is notoriously the most male-dominated settlement on the planet, and whilst we may all have our suspicions about the root cause of this particular phenomenon, nobody seems quite sure exactly what to do about it.

Whereas China's high male population can be attributed to its one-child policy and societal preference for male heirs, the reason for Torn's distinct lack of females is less easy to identify. There are r...

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Public Warned Over Loan Shark Work

Report by sugarvalves on 06/06/16 (19 days ago)

Torn Police Department has issued a statement today advising members of the public to steer clear of newspaper listings offering short-term work for cash, after a recent spate of bizarre incidents involving one of the city's most notorious loan sharks.

Duke, AKA Shirley Calabrese, has been accused of indirect involvement in a number of unorthodox crimes over the past few months, and has been known to advertise roles to ordinary citizens in a bid to keep his own f...

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Is Torn on the Brink of War?

Report by sugarvalves on 31/05/16 (26 days ago)

In April 2016 Torn's military personnel numbered more than 80,000 for the first time in the city's history, maintaining an upwards trend which has seen a steady increase ever since the mass desertion incident of November 2011. At the present rate we could see a force of over 100,000 soldiers before the year is out, which begs the question, why is the military so attractive to Torn's citizens? And also who, if anyone, are they preparing to fight?

The attractiveness of ...

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