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Price - 50 cents
Monday, Dec 22, 2014
  • in Torn City
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Faction Bio - Calculated

Report by IIIlusionist on 21/12/14 (19 hours ago)

As we have seen in previous articles, Torn's HOF factions have a remarkable and long history that date back many years. Out of the 2500+ factions in Torn today a huge, huge, portion of them will be filled with inactive members which have joined the slow road to deletion, others are peaceful and some used for keeping money safe. Take away these and you will see that there is just as much war mongering lower down the ranks, perhaps more so than in HOF these days. And so the lamp turns on Calculated.

Purchased around two years ago by ghosty [1348728], Calculated have been shooting up the ranks ever since. As a rule of thumb most faction dont give away freebies, however HOF factions, with their rich owners and organised crime money, can more than provide supplies for wars. This was what inspired the name Calculated. They could not afford big cash prizes, points, drugs and FHCs that other factions could, but survived by carefully calculating, funnily enough the name of their sub faction, how much the faction can afford. This could also explain that when I ...

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The True Value of a Faction

Report by Moguai on 15/12/14 (7 days ago)

How much is a faction worth?

The question is often asked around Torn and the answer depends on a lot of factors - all of which are never definite and never certain. Faction value is exactly what this article aims to explore.

Overall, a key component in the value of a faction is the total respect, made up of a combination of current respect and the faction specials bought in the past through trading respect in for specials.  Steadfast, historically, has been the most coveted special, increasing gym gains by up to 10%. However, there has been growing popularity for Hermetic - responsible for reducing drug addiction gains by up to 50% - effectively lowering rehab bills when making the long trip to Zurich, Switzerland. Other popular specials include Salutary (reducing reviving energy cost to 25 energy vs. the standard 75) and Cumber (increases items that can be carried up to 10 while overseas).

Another factor to consider when buying or selling...

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The day the world turned black...

Report by UrgentAlibi on 08/12/14 (14 days ago)

The dust has finally begun to settle. Eye-witnesses have described it as akin to watching a bomb go off. Families were shaken, lives destroyed, but Black Friday has finally passed. An annual tradition that began in the United States, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and traditionally seen as the first day of the Christmas shopping period. Retailers came to anticipate this surge in the numbers of shoppers - competition and chaos followed. Stores embarked on a game of promotional one-up-manship, until Black Friday mutated into some kind of blood sport where consumers violently climb over one another to ensure they get the deal they want, before stocks run out.

Black Friday is increasingly referred to in popular culture, and with popular online retailers maintaining a global presence, it was only a matter of time until this plague went viral. This last Friday, for the first time, Black Friday reportedly spread to the UK, France, Germany, and China, with reports of other outbreaks coming in. Police were called to some larger stores, and harrowing vid...

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