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Thursday, Aug 25, 2016
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Faction Beta - War and dollar

Report by IIIlusionist on 25/08/16 (3 hours ago)

In the second piece of our article trilogy concerning the ongoing Faction 2.0 Beta testing, today we are looking at the punitive aspects of Faction Warring - specifically how much it will cost in cash, and what it requires in terms of energy

The points target system means that wars, regardless of other factors, will last a minimum period of one day. This is the time it will take to reach 1,000,000 points with ten people involved, and it seems this ...

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Duke's Inbox - A Cesspit of Filth

Report by sugarvalves on 22/08/16 (2 days ago)

As many will have noticed, Torn's loan-shark Duke has been decidedly more active of late; his recent forum posts in response to planned attacks upon his person coming hot on the heels of a somewhat surprising offer of charitable aid to the people of the city.

Many in Torn took this opportunity to offer up rivals and enemies as targets for the faux-Mafia bruiser, and while it is not yet known what became of those whose names found their way onto Mr Calabrese's naughty ...

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Faction Beta - What to expect

Report by IIIlusionist on 18/08/16 (7 days ago)

The announcement of the factions 2.0 update is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated developments in recent years. Just recently the second batch of factions were introduced to 2.0 beta testing, and with many of Torn's users eager to see how this overhaul will affect their own faction, now seems as good a time as any to take a brief look at what players have gleaned from the process so far.

For many, the beta experience involves a short...

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Tornography - Adamantium's Story

Report by sugarvalves on 15/08/16 (9 days ago)

This year Torn's annual Easter Egg Competition saw more players take part than ever before, with Adamantium coming joint first alongside -asc3nt- after acquiring an astonishing 21 eggs. However, with the winner decided by a game of rock paper scissors - something Adamantium lost after being bludgeoned with the rock, stabbed with the scissors and given a series of paper-cuts to the groin - he had to settle for an eggscruciating second-place billing on the leader-board.

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Torn Dump - Where Dreams Are Made

Report by sugarvalves on 08/08/16 (16 days ago)

Torn's Municipal dump isn't the most exciting place, and it's doubtful most citizens ever give second thought to the items casually discarded here. Tissues, bouquets, jewellery; only a small number of these abandoned trinkets end up scavenged by the city's poor, as of the 80 million possessions trashed a mere 17 million have ever been recovered.

This discrepancy of more than 60 million items lain waste cannot continue. Our recycling efforts are frankly non-existent, a...

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