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Friday, Mar 27, 2015
  • in Torn City
  • An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper
  • Edited & Published in Torn City
  • An Illustrate

7-way War

Report by IIIlusionist on 24/03/15 (3 days ago)

Today let's talk about faction wars. The most common mode of warring in Torn today is a one on one battle between two factions. A faction might fight multiple wars at once, but each against a single opposing force. On a rare occasion, however, multiple factions agree to all fight each other at the same time in one big fat war. The most grand and glorious war occurs when seven factions meet at once - the 7-way war.

A 7-way war is no small feat to organize.  Under the current warring system, each war base has a 500 member cap. Typically, this limits the larger factions (averaging 75 members) from warring with each other at the same time.

Besides the most recent one, the last 7-way war took place in December 2013 and was between 39th Street Killers, Evolution, JFK, HT, Mercs Inc, PT-Family and Subversive Alliance. The terms were kept simple:

- All wars should be ranked wars
- Members over 3bil total will use Desert Eagle only.
- Rosters locked after the war begins.
- Everythi...

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Report by IIIlusionist on 10/03/15 (16 days ago)

My last adventure led me to discovering a seemingly abandoned building with some rather unusual stuff inside. Upon speculation, what I stumbled upon must be some sort of testing facility for the newly released blood bags. If perhaps the citizens can manage to figure out how to stick a needle into themselves correctly, I see this addition benefiting the city greatly, though I will wait a little longer before passing judgement. The good news is that it has nothing to do with vampires - though if they do indeed exist, I get a feeling Torn will become somewhat of a hot spot for them...

My next adventure started when I was walking along the shores of the city, admiring the rather large collection of private islands and yachts. What I found unusual were the large number of red boats that were docked at the city. I had so many questions already; Why the sudden increase in red boats? Who owned them? Why now?

Naturally I had to investigate - activate detective mode!

I started looking for a pattern and found that all t...

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Factions Of Old - InQuest

Report by IIIlusionist on 01/03/15 (25 days ago)

For every top spot there is a number 2 waiting patiently to have their shot at over throwing the top dogs. During HTs very, very, long stay at the top of the mountain the faction InQuest set up camp not too far down the road.

Before InQuest was formed, BodyBagger [99177] led a family of 7 factions known as the Zen Family. Another player, CHunger [78403], led a faction called The Brotherhood of NOD, which BodyBagger was later asked to take over and lead under the Zen banner, and the name InQuest was chosen for their newly joined faction. The name InQuest was chosen to signify the unifying of the two families and their motto was - "The verdict is always the same: wilful murder".

Much like we saw with the Plague Family, InQuest/Zen had a number of factions that would separate members out depending on their experience, activity and battle stats. Beginners would work on their stats in Zen, intermediate would learn how to chain in Zen, and the polished final products in the faction InQuest.

InQuest was headed ...

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