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Wednesday, Jul 30, 2014
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Down and Dirty

Report by Anarkioflite on 2014/06/18

What’s the REAL cause of the recent stock market’s decline? Is it simply the normal correction of a market due to the laws of supply and demand? Or is it something more? Something manipulated, something deliberate – something designed to become a financial black hole that will attract the unsuspecting Torn investor with the allure of low share prices, yet may be designed to devastate the Torn City economic landscape by  bankrupting thousands of Torn City players in a precipitous market bloodbath.

Such an idea is not as farfetched as some might believe. A careful analysis of overall stock ticker prices at each 15 minute interval has some people claiming that a pattern is emerging that could spell disaster for Torn shareholders. One long time Torn player, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims to have discovered a message to “insiders” that is embedded into a numerical code found in the 15 minute stock prices. These numbers are published for everyone to see, but, according to this player, only a few can decipher the cryptic message that is s...

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Searching the city

Report by Wulfric on 2014/06/29
One of the interesting changes under RESPO is that we no longer get city finds arriving directly into our events schedule. Instead, to get those finds you have to make an active effort, scanning through the map of Torn, walking those mean streets and keeping your eyes open for the slightest sign of an item.

Obviously, this is a huge change from the previous system, and it has worried people throughout the city. Many of us have spent merits on awareness, and have seen others picking up the goods. So... do those awareness merits count for anything?

Under old Torn, awareness was a passive ability. Items appeared without any rhyme or reason, and you only found out after the event appeared. Now, awareness is an active ability; apparently a full 10/10 merit bar not only increases the spawn rate by 70%, but it also improves the quality of those finds.

Of course, there is more you can do to increase your chances of finding those dumbells and parachutes. By popular understanding, ecstasy and LSD both increase your awareness; it would seem reasonable that they...

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Meltdown? or the Big Chill?

Report by Anarkioflite on 2014/06/18

Torn City – The Coming Economic Armageddon?

I am a new player. I’ve been part of TORN City for only a few months, and without question it has been quite an experience coming from a more “traditional” MMORPG where a character is more visual -- than imagined. While frustrating at times, the learning curve at TC has been steep, but still learnable. The “newness” continues as I have been surprised -- and sometimes shocked – at some of the things that go on around here.

One of the first shockers was the price of a Lollipop on the Item Market. I first couldn’t understand why a Lollipop, which cost only $25 at Sally’s Sweet Shop in Torn City should morph into a $750 ticket on the Item Market. That kind of price inflation exists everywhere in Torn, as fully tricked out Private Islands are listed between one and eight BILLION dollars. Obviously, hyperinflation, has made a visit to Torn City. While the markup for a Lollipop – from Sally’s to the item market – exceeds 2800%, even the Torn B...

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