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Sunday, May 1, 2016
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Screw the terms

Report by IIIlusionist on 25/04/16 (6 days ago)

The faction scene has been somewhat quiet of late, with only a few wars here and there sparking a little drama from time to time. However, in the last week things spiced up to a rather tasty level, with a number of wars breaking out and stirring things up just a tad.

We will start with the two less action-packed wars: Just Fer A**holes vs Itsi Bitsi Bikini and Šestructive Anomaly vs BC-Vulpes Vulpes.

JFA vs IBB had no real terms other than locked rosters and no guests. Initially, one would think that the match-up would be an interesting one. IBB have been on an extended training mode for the past year or three, meaning that they have had plenty of time to nurse those stats in order to become a tough faction to fight (at least on paper). The reality turned out to be quite the opposite - JFA ripped up the paper in six hours - strolling right past IBB without seeming to break a sweat. There was plenty for IBB to learn from the war, but they wouldn't have much time to ponder as another war was just round the corner (which we will come to...

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Faction Bio

Report by IIIlusionist on 06/04/16 (25 days ago)

Trigger Happy, along with The UnLeashed Sykoz, Memento Mori and Calculated, was another aggressive new generation faction that emerged a few years ago. Core, Trigger Happy's leader and founder, has since left the game, making comments difficult to obtain (due to an indefinite sentence in Federal jail). 

Core [1579950] had the idea to build a faction completely from scratch and work at building capabilities until the team was established in the Hall of Fame, his teams journey began on 15 June, 2013.

The new gang started with just a few strong members and a number of new players that were learning the ins and outs of Torn.  Trigger Happy quickly progressed, built up an effective member base and demonstrated an impressive talent for chaining (much to other factions' dismay).

Why the name Trigger Happy was chosen isn't completely understood, but we can easily imagine, given their motto, "Pull the trigger, let the world slip through", that using weapons made them thoroughly happy.

Before we go o...

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Report by IIIlusionist on 22/02/16 (2 months ago)

The updates to player activity statuses and the inventory system are all well and good, but what more do the citizens of Torn have to look forward to in the near future?

We will start with a smaller potential update: Starter Jobs. At the moment, the starter jobs' role in the game is uncertain. Should they be a stepping stone to companies where new players can boost stats quickly before jumping to companies, or should they be a viable career choice with specials that rival that of companies? The demand for more employees from player-run companies often means new players jump into companies fairly early in the game due to various specials and high pay. A little attention may be given to adjusting starter jobs in a number of ways to give them a little more meaning and competitive edge. As it stands, new players are able to choose from three of the six starter jobs before eventually unlocking all six. One proposed change may open up all six to new players right away. This may not seem like a big deal to us veterans, but imagine if instead o...

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