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Price - 50 cents
Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015
  • in Torn City
  • An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper
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Up, up, down, down

Report by UrgentAlibi on 26/01/15 (1 days ago)

Left to its own devices, an economy is a fascinating beast. Torn's own economy is very lively and active. We players have the freedom, the liberty, to choose how and where to spend the money we earn in this city. For some that might involve taking a vacation, traveling abroad via the travel agency, while others might need to upgrade their weapons or refill ammo at Big Als gun shop. There are plenty of frivolous ways to part with your cash from gambling at the casino to buying plushies from the item market.

Right now there are thousands of player-run and owned bazaars where items are listed often well below market value. This really allows for some fluid movement of cash and resources from player to player, in a way that negates some of the dangers often associated with personal trades. Some people seek to do business in the bright light of day; others prefer a shady back alley, or a cigar smoke-filled cellar. Torn accommodates for different styles of business.

Left in the hands of the players, an economy becomes a mirror indicative of th...

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Will we Ever See Towns again?

Report by IIIlusionist on 11/01/15 (15 days ago)
The beginning of 2014 was quite a quiet time for the City of Torn. There were no major updates or overhauls, just minor tweaks and bug fixes to ensure that the city ran smoothly. In contrast; the second half of 2014 represented a much busier period - many new implementations - and the blueprints used to upgrade the City's dating infrastructure with new and improved capabilities.  

These archetypes are known as the RESPO development program. 

The Mayor of Torn mentioned that a large-scale rework was aimed at improving the quality of life for the criminals looting the City.  Some skeptics claimed that the updates would never arrive, but those naysayers were proven wrong when RESPO showed up on the 23rd of June.  Great improvements were undertaken to build the City - streets were cleaner, buildings were higher and the intangible "feel" of Torn had truly been changed - even the air was different somehow.

One obvious change to the City was that of the closing of H...

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Faction Of Old - Plague Family

Report by IIIlusionist on 05/01/15 (22 days ago)

The Plague group of factions represented some of the earliest factions in Torn. Known as "Plague Family," they were also the longest running dynasty in Torn.

The Plague Family consisted of three factions: The main faction Engineered Plague (EP) and subfactions Infected Plague (IP) and Killer Plague (KP). The group set very clear stats and level requirements in order for members to have a "faction career path." Teammates would start in the weakest faction of the three, and as they levelled up, they also moved up until they reached EP.

Engineered Plague was originally the name of a Guild (very similar to factions) in another game called Archmage, which is no longer around. A group of players joined Torn when it was in Beta and planned to create a version of their guild in Torn. Titan [227473] and Templar [1281415] were the driving force behind EP and led the group for a long time. regulator906 [79649], -KC [130919], Peachy [10474], shmiffy04 [274028], RiskyMineWorker [12494], fcberke [271021] and Vimes [37] were a few of the other early me...

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