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Thursday, Oct 23, 2014
  • in Torn City
  • An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper
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Faction Bio - Little Stompers

Report by IIIlusionist on 20/10/14 (2 days ago)
Jumping away from the dizzying heights of HT, we come to the crazy world of Little Stompers.

Little Stompers are one of those factions that even at a low rank made a huge ruckus, and it wasn't just from them stamping their feet and making a mess (although from what this reporter gathers from members, TheCheesinater [1629870] does a lot of that). This reporter was also impressed as soon as he started interviewing them, as they were the only faction he interviewed that remember the exact day that the faction was created: 7 June 2013. TheCheesinater created the faction and when he and other members were interviewed about how the name was chosen, he gave two different answers.

The first is the marketable version: The name is kind of representative of what we stand for. We're small in stature but, somehow, manage to throw our weight around. Then there is the, well, lets say 'lackluster' version: It was a simple online generator which gave us the name. Out of fear of getting another more mysterious answer, we laid it to rest (though, this reporter favo...

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Know your city - Good ol' Days

Report by IIIlusionist on 13/10/14 (10 days ago)

Torn was created in the year 2003 and since its creation it has seen many changes and additions to the game. Torn has come a long way since being created. This article will look at some of the game mechanics and features that have been revolutionised over the years.

We will begin by looking at Energy and Nerve, which are the two things that the game revolves around. Energy has many different uses; training, attacking, reviving and searching, and it is up to each player to decide what they want to do with it. Till recently, nerve had one use only, which was to commit crimes. Now busting has started consuming nerve rather than energy. As frequent fliers may know, energy used to be called Awake. This was because at the time Torn started Awake was a common name used in text based games.

"I later thought it made more sense to use energy. I saw it used on a mech-bot type game in the machine sense, and thought it'd work a lot better here in terms of the bodily sense."

Chedburn [1]

It is a similar story for ...

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Faction Bio - HT

Report by IIIlusionist on 15/09/14 (1 month ago)

Most of Torn are either in a faction or have been in one before, and factions add a huge amount to Torn life. It is in factions where members work together, fight together and grow together. Over the coming months, I will be trying to piece together the history of some of the great and upcoming factions in Torn today, starting with HT.

Hattrick, more commonly known as HT, is a long standing faction and its current leader, HT-Supermikk [108922], has shed light on some of the key goings on at HT over the years.

The name Hattrick originates from a soccer manager game that a lot of the HT members played before coming to Torn. It was from this game that around 200 guys, and maybe one girl, came and started playing Torn City. 201 people joining a game together as companions is quite impressive on its own, and must have had Chedburn [1] ecstatic at the sight of 201 people joining his new game. However, the 201 isnt what I find most interesting, it is the fact that the 200 guys and 1 girl were all Norwegian. To begin with the 201 members created factions, around 10, a...

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