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Monday, Oct 24, 2016
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Bodybagger vs Duke - A Brutal Beef

Report by sugarvalves on 17/10/16 (6 days ago)

For those blessed with working eyes and ears, and even those without, the recent confrontation between Duke and Bodybagger cannot have gone unnoticed. For the past two weeks Torn's most notorious loan shark has been forced to fend off daily attacks by the city's strongest player, and in an effort to do so, events have turned most ugly indeed. If one were to make love in an ugly tree and give birth somewhere inside the forest of unfathomable hideousness, you'd have to drag said offspring...

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Faction Bio - Born Fighting

Report by IIIlusionist on 13/10/16 (10 days ago)

Pull up a chair and grab some popcorn, because this is going to be an interesting and fairly lengthy tale.

Upon their inception, Born Fighting (BF) held the Faction ID 32, which at this point made it the oldest faction in Torn. Although ID 32 bore various names in the past, including Superheroes In Tights, it adopted the BF crest around 2013, when it was purchased by Rapid_riser [262223] for the princely sum of $1,000,000,000. BF was part of the 39th Continues on page 25

The Shame of Torn's Secret Restarts

Report by sugarvalves on 10/10/16 (13 days ago)

For a city to survive indefinitely it must possess one of two things, either the ability to recruit new citizens via migration, or a population capable of sustaining a consistently high birth-rate. However, with Torn's men about as virile as a vasectomised Panda, and our women proving more barren than the harshest stretch of the Sahara, it is clear that attracting new blood to the city is our only hope of survival.

With that in mind, this article's initial aim was to ...

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Torn Suffers Double Dirty Bomb Hit

Report by sugarvalves on 03/10/16 (20 days ago)

Torn's eldest citizens know all too well that the detonation of Dirty Bombs is a frequent occurrence, with close to forty dropped since the very first radioactive attack carried out by JamilB in 2008. But, with two such explosions coming in the space of four days, Torn's citizens must be wondering if they are about to see a return to a time where hazmat suits and six-armed mutants became the norm.

Before last week Torn hadn't seen a dirty bomb since the 13t...

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Know Your City - The Stock Market

Report by IIIlusionist on 29/09/16 (24 days ago)

In one of our recent articles we reminisced at length about our memories of the old stock market system, aka the gold mine. This was a time when players would pool their money, either with strangers or among faction members, in order to drive up stocks and sell them for a fat profit. Although many wish we could return to such a profitable time, there is no doubt the stock market of old was not a sustainable system. The new and improved Torn stock market was fairer, less susceptible...

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