Gold Plated AK-47 | Primary Weapon from online RPG game Torn City

Item Info

Item Info

Gold Laptop Platinum PDA

The Gold Plated AK-47 is a Primary Weapon.

One of the best rifles in the world, made even better. This highly tuned, gold plated AK-47 kalashnikov will run fear through the blood of your enemies. Configured to fire an extended clip of gold plated ammunition, itís not the cheapest, but itíll certainly leave a mark.

  • Name:
    Gold Plated AK-47
  • Cost:
  • Sell Value:
  • In Circulation:
  • Damage:
  • Rate of Fire:
  • Armour:
  • Accuracy:
  • Damage
  • Rate of Fire
  • Armour
  • Accuracy
  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm Large round (Hollow Point)
  • Amount of Ammo: $6,000 (45)