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Posted on Sat Dec 07, 2013 02:43:07

By Manarutos [786573]
This reminded me of this:

For the lazy, here's the story:

(Im in geometry. We are talking about exact definitions and how important they are to geometry.)

Teacher: Im going to tell you a story about when I was a teen. One time, I went out with my friends. I asked my parents how late I was allowed to stay out. They said 12:00. I asked if I could come home at quarter of 12. They were shocked, and said yes. I came home around 2:30.

(Several students, including myself, begin wondering where this is going.)

Teacher: They were mad. I said What? You said I could be home at quarter of 12. The response was ITS 2:30! I responded Yeah, quarter of 12. What is one-fourth of 12?

(Everyone in the class realizes the trick he played. We stare in awe.)

Me: Did it work?

Teacher: Once. Feel free to try it; just dont tell them it was me who taught you.

This reminds me that math teachers should be forced to learn English semantics before being allowed to interact with children.

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