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Thread created on Wed Nov 13, 2013 19:23:48
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The World Ends With You, or TWEWY for short, and known as It's a Wonderful World in Japan, is a DS game developed by Square Enix and Jupiter.
I have to say that it is the best game I have ever played. I can't say much about it as everything would be considered spoilers, but I'll try to explain some of the general game play and mechanics.

The game takes place in Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan). The main character, Neku Sakuraba, is Square Enix's favorite male protagonist... An angsty teenager. Don't think he doesn't have character, though. Every character in this game feels unique in design, yet realistic, and I found that I related to some of them. Neku gets paired up with a girl named Shiki Misaki, who follows him around despite his reluctance.
Due to the story line that I can't spoil, Neku has to explore Shibuya while fighting monsters called "Noise." Neku and Shiki fight on two different "zones," so they fight the same enemies together but in two separate realities you may say. This means that Neku fights the enemies on the bottom screen while Shiki fights on the top of the screen. You control Neku with your stylus and Shiki with the control pad.
I wish I could avoid spoilers, but I can't, so I can't explain to beauty of this game. The characters, the art style, the exploration, the story line, the combat system, the music... It even has tons of end game content!

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Posted on Mon Nov 25, 2013 01:38:35
Yeah, that is a really great game. It took full use of the Nintendo DS and all of it's features and made a great story that worked out of it. Though you need screen protectors for this game otherwise you can ruin your screen. It has such unique gameplay, and a very interesting story.

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