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Thread created on Fri Sep 20, 2013 17:23:43
Last replied to on Fri Sep 20, 2013 18:23:43
been working on a website project for a good while, and looking for those who might want to help test some stuff with us while still in beta.

couch racers is a website dedicated to online competitive racing tournaments that covers all platforms (playstation, xbox, pc, and mobile) over a wide range of racing titles from mx simulator, mx vs atv, GRID, to even forza.

the site is fully custom from the ground up, and offers series, bracket, points, team vs team, fast lap times, and fun races. racers are able to make teams, generate cash, and buy assets which gives the teams a % in racing stats depending on the asset.

we have the site set to launch here in about a month. i need peeps who are willing to test options, find exploits, and find any leftover bugs. those who are willing to help will keep their "premium" status when the site launches to the community..

request a beta code by emailing plez allow up to 24 hrs to receive confirmation.

you'll find me over there under the name spade.

thanks for your time.

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