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Thread created on Wed May 22, 2013 20:59:14
Last replied to on Wed May 22, 2013 21:59:14
Hi everyone. I am aware that there is currently a taser you can buy, but I had some ideas to improve it. Here's what I want to suggest:
1) Price: $10,000 for base unit (Must have cartridges), Cartridge price varies, Cartridge holster: $50,000 (more on that below), Speed reloader (no reload delay): $25,000
2) You can carry 1 cartridge, 2 if you have the holster.
3) The taser cartridge will be a temporary weapon, but you can use the base unit as a melee with no cartridge.
4) Cartridge types:
Stun cartridge: stuns the target, similar to pepper spray: $750
X-Tra range cartridge: More accurate but slightly less effect: $800
Rubber-ball cartridge: Stuns target for 1 turn and does some damage.
5) In real life, a taser requires a background check. Maybe if you were jailed in the past X days, you couldn't buy any cartridges.
How does this sound?

Forum Main>>Suggestions>> New suggestion about the taser.
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