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Thread created on Fri Oct 25, 2013 19:14:13
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Viguerie Predicts 'Absolute' Bloodbath in 2014 GOP Primaries

Movement-conservative icon, author, and direct-market pioneer Richard Viguerie threw down the gauntlet to establishment Republicans and the GOP leadership Tuesday, charging that conservatives "have been betrayed, abandoned by our leaders, and that includes Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, [and] Reince Priebus at the Republican National Committee."

Viguerie and other grass-roots conservative leaders are warning that Republicans who voted to end the shutdown on terms favorable to President Barack Obama and the Democrats will face major primary opposition in 2014.

"It's a civil war in the GOP," Viguerie declared Saturday in The New York Times.

Asked in an exclusive Newsmax interview Tuesday whether Republicans who went along with ending the shutdown will face a political bloodbath, Viguerie replied: "Oh, absolutely. It's a war that's been going on for 101 years, but limited-government conservatives have not been fully engaged. But now they are engaged."

Viguerie had no hesitation in naming who will be challenged, either.

"We need to primary every single one of these big-government Republicans," he said, "including Lamar Alexander, Mitch McConnell, [and] Thad Cochran down in Mississippi is being challenged.

"I hope John Cornyn in Texas is primaried," he said, "and of course John Boehner is going to be primaried. I predict Eric Cantor will receive . . . [a] limited-government, constitutional-conservative challenge, [and] maybe [House Majority Whip] Kevin McCarthy, a key person there, [and] Pete Sessions from Texas."

Thanks to the shutdown vote, Viguerie said, "it's black and white who's on our side and who's on the big-government side."

As Rod Dreher comments:

RINO hunt! This is astonishing, and can only be driven by an ideological mindset so impervious to reality that it would rather destroy political conservatisms chances of actually running the country than succumb to the least impurity in the ranks.

What can I say but TROLOLOL?

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