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Thread created on Thu Nov 28, 2013 02:21:34
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So I have about 1.7 billion dollars. Some in the bank, some in stocks that are waiting to sell.

What should I spend my money on?

What should I spend my merits on? I have 95 of them. I have all of the stats boosters upgraded 5 times, the education upgraded 5 times, and one or two upgrades at other spots.

Current Battle Stats:

Strength: 9,823,039.6288
Defense: 18,236,508.5116
Speed: 3,575,554.0358
Dexterity: 15,381,699.2398
Total: 47,016,801.4160

I already have a maxed out PI.

I have an RPG launcher, I have one of every property except a castle.

I have 2843 points sitting around, I do a refill everyday. Normally I use it for gym but today I used it to help attack 50 zombies.

I have 89 days left of donator status.

I suppose that once everything is out of the stocks I could put it in the bank for 3 months for an insane amount of interest. I've made 1 billion in the past six months doing this.

So what should I spend everything on?

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Posted on Thu Nov 28, 2013 02:29:15
First maximize bank interest and bank it for 2 weeks ,do it till you reach the 2b then use the interest you gain from 2b.
Do you have all the stocks?
If not then purchase them with the interest.
After acquiring all stocks then think about saving for starting a cruise liner(Don't touch 2b in bank)

Forum Main>>Questions>> What should I spend my money and merits on?
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