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Thread created on Sun Jul 21, 2013 08:30:52
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This is the commander faction. It is currently being taken over by Subject. We don't know much about the faction but i know that it can become big with me leading and a strong Co-Leader. I have a possible Co-Leader and 3rd command so don't bother asking.

We are looking for members that attack warring members so need a good level over 15 and good stats at least 100,000. Everyone in the faction now has over 100,000 battle stats. If you join you know what are expected from you.

We have been scammed by GYMADDICT he has kicked all of our members while i was traveling. He fired me from my job and then ignored me. I am currently travelling a lot to rebuild my money.

100,000+ Total Battle Stats
Level 15+
Active Daily
20+ nerve bar
Bust people out when noticed or requested

Steadfast I (Increases gym gains of members by 1%)
Gallant I (Increases members nerve bar by 1)
Cumber I (Increases max travel items by 1)
Hermetic I (Reduces drug addiction gain by 5%)

Payouts From successful OC's
Friendly environment
Chaining members
Free Medical Items
Vicodin, Xanax, Points for chaining
XTC, Xanax for training on the training Breaks
Training breaks
Easy war Base Targets
Merits for the Loyal Members
Money storage
Neat Tag next to your name
Free Advice
Random prizes

Here are the Victories and losses while i have been leading this faction.
Congratulations, you have claimed victory over SuckMyDuck, the war is now over.
Congratulations, you have claimed victory over battle on, the war is now over.
Congratulations, you have claimed victory over metal, the war is now over.

None Yet

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