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Thread created on Wed Jul 17, 2013 02:43:03
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The Blackthorn Mercs are a team of elite hitman who can perform odd jobs in addition to assassinations. We are a fairly new faction and don't charge much for services or expect much from members, but we plan to grow extensively in the future. Let me begin with some of the benefits membership brings:

Aid from the faction to members who come into trouble.

Assistance provided to members struggling to get off the ground.

Offerings of weapons, armor, boosters and drugs provided to members who are under-equipped.

Access to special faction crimes that earn money and respect.

Help from other members to new players unsure of what to do.

Special rewards may be given to those who excel within the group.

Weekends off. (You don't have to log on Saturday and Sunday, though you may earn special rewards if you do.)

Much much more...

Now that you know a little bit more about what you have to gain from this faction allow me to tell new members what is expected of them. We don't ask much, but the following conditions must be met for an application to be accepted:

Members must be willing to log on at least once per day. (Except on weekends and holidays.)

Members must never disobey orders and complete any jobs or assignments given to them.

Members must be open and accepting of all other members. Excessive arguing and fighting will see you removed.

Members must put the well-being of the faction before the well-being of themselves. Selfishness is not allowed.

If the above sounds acceptable to you please don't delay in joining, we need many new members to help get this faction off of the ground. In particular, I need someone who can make a logo for our faction, a second in command to help lead us and members ready to get started working right away. The current max limit on our membership is 5, but we plan on upgrading very soon. If you think you've got what it takes to be a Blackthorn Merc please send in an application today!

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