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Thread created on Sat Aug 17, 2013 09:38:26
Last replied to on Tue Aug 20, 2013 21:58:29
After a lot of waiting and struggle[long story] I finally managed to reach class A.

I only have 6 racing points available at the moment and I can't be asked to join one of them companies whose job special is a racing point.

I do have all 9 class A cars enlisted, they are the only cars enlisted at the moment [as expected not a single upgrade on any one of them, and I don't see how any lower class car could do better]

My driving skill is 10.3 , which I believe isn't too bad.

Chedburn made that racing update a while ago where you would only be matched with people who had cars upgraded similar to yours but I don't see that happening [ I have been in a few races , wasn't even close to the time of the people in the top three most of the time]

So what should I do, as in as I get racing points I keep upgrading my cars or I just let them be non upgraded until I have enough points to fully upgrade at least three of them? Because the way I see if I keep upgrading my cars I will get tougher opponents.

Which brings us to the next question , which car to use for which track and what sort of upgrades to do ?

Especially the track specific ones such as rally/track tyres for mixed tracks such as red light circuit and stone park [I know what to do for the remaining 4].

Thank you.

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Posted on Tue Aug 20, 2013 21:58:29
As a first car I would go either Honda NSX or Lexus LFA. Upgrade an LFA for speed and both tracks, or an NSX for acceleration and dirt. Only focus on one car at a time though so you at least stand a chance on a couple tracks. Your main problem will be that a lot of people already have maxed cars so even with the update you'll be facing people with higher upgrades anyway.

I started with the Ferrari 458 which works well for Intercity Cruise and Red Light Circuit. I also got some top 3 finishes in the rest of the tracks, but seeing as how more people are upgrading cars I'm not sure if it would still work as a starting Class A car.

Forum Main>>Racing>> New to class A-advice needed
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