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Thread created on Tue Oct 22, 2013 19:43:29
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Message me and can make 100k a day + great benefits lk free energy, endurance, strength PER DAY
please message me if you are interested!


5 Star Furniture Company, hiring new employees at all levels!

Job Specials are as follow:
* 3 Energy per job point
* Endurance Gains for job points
* Strength Gains for job points

Daily work stat gains are as follow:
* Salesperson = 30 intel and 15 endurance daily
* Cleaner = 20 manual and 10 endurance daily
* Cashier = 25 intel and 12.5 manual daily

As well as receiving your daily work stats & job specials, I pay a $1k Daily Salary PLUS Free Training on a rotating basis.

In addition to all of this, I pay a $1M Cash Bonus for every 50 days you work at my Furniture Company (ie. payable on day 50, day 100, day 150 etc of you working at this company).

All employees must log on daily, and keep drug use under some form of control (especially those under level 15 who can't travel to rehab).

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