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Thread created on Thu Aug 01, 2013 16:40:52
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Hi All This Forums say What You Should Do To Make Ur Company Grow Up

Companies tend to rank in time, although this is a very slow rate. The best advice to offer to help your company rank is to ensure that your staff are efficient (by checking your employees and their effectiveness). In order to keep this high, ensure that you are hiring active players who do not drug or rehab regularly. As their happy can be deducted as a result of a drug overdose which will then have an effect on the company itself. Make sure that you also train your employees regularly as it helps make them more efficient.Manage your employees as how they should be managed. Employ them to the correct positions in relation to their stats and upgrade your facilities so that they are more effective in the company. Ensuring your environment, efficiency and cleaness is to its highest standard, the popularity should then follow; keep working on it and make sure that you run the best advertising campaigns regularly.

Hope This Help You All,Cheers

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Posted on Thu Aug 01, 2013 17:51:03
rated - for the triple post

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