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Thread created on Fri May 17, 2013 14:45:28
Last replied to on Fri May 17, 2013 15:45:28
Started a new Oil Rig looking for Active members to join

Job offers.
just started a brand new oil rig if anyone is looking for a job but it depends on your stats
Primary Stat + 1/2 Secondary Stat = Job Stats Total
Position Prim/sec stats Required what you gain a day
Driller Manual/Endurance 25,000 30 manual and 15 endurance
Geologist Intel/Endurance 60,000 35 intel and 17.5 endurance
Mechanic Manual/Endurance 50,000 35 manual and 17.5 endurance

Pay will start at 500k and rise quickly the longer your with the company
I'm not wasting pay on people who aren't going to try

Basic Rules to know
1.Log on once a day minimum even if it's a few seconds
2.Rehab if you use drugs
3.Watch a Dvd or play Xbox if happiness drops to low

If you plan on going on holiday let me no before hand so i don't fire you when your stars drop
Id your having RL issues just say you won't be able to make it online
5 stars your golden
4 stars happens after 24 hours inactive you get a warning
3 stars I'm booting you
This sounds harsh but you'll drag profits down and that's unfair to everyone else.

Apply with work stats

Bump and Rate and get a pay Increase when you join

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