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Thread created on Fri Apr 26, 2013 22:32:18
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Hydraulics 5* Car Dealership Hiring

The Specials Are:
Test Drive 1 Racing Point per 5 Job Points
Discount Parts 25% Parts Discount
Salesman No Item Market Cost

With a Personal Perk of:
Increased Racing Skill

The Pay
0-5k Endurance = 30k
5-20k Endurance = 45k
20k+ Endurance = 60k

Company Competition Weekly:
Giveaway - $1,000,000 split out between random numbers of employees, generated by a random number generator to make it a completely random chance of winning.

Company Races:
Races between the employees in our company will be created. There will be small friendly races for fun in the company. Some of them will be free to enter, some where you pay money to enter and win varied amounts depending on what place you finish.
There will also be racing tournaments which I will host, where there will be a series of races, where you gain points depending on what position you finish. There may or may not be prize money at the end of these tournaments, but you would be informed of this when the tournament is in planning.
If we get enough racers in our company, then I would arrange for my racing team to have a race with someone elses company/team, where the races would be held over a series of tracks and won depending on who gets the most points throughout these races, these would be adapting a Formula 1 styled point system, but with varied team sizes.

A Friendly Environment:
As a company we offer all employees a friendly environment, for racers to chat freely to each other whenever they wish to.
All of my employees are very friendly, and I have kicked out multiple people for not respecting me or the company. Throughout my short time of owning this company I have seen many loyal employees leave, and even though they have swapped to follow a different path in torn, we still send messages back and forth to each other, keeping in touch to this very day.

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